Mar 24, 2021

The Secret Behind Buffalo Hot Sauce

We've delved into what makes our Buffalo Hot Sauce so special. We're talking about the recipe, the cooking process and recipe suggestions.

Jan 19, 2021

What even is Friends of Sauce Shop?

On the lookout for more craft products? Have a read about some of the brands in our Friends of Sauce Shop range.

Jan 5, 2021

Bye, bye sugar!

The reasoning behind Sauce Shop Unsweetened Tomato Ketchup.

Dec 17, 2020

A quick catch-up with Pam, our co-founder and brand director

Read what Pam had to say about the current year and how she see's 2021 going for Sauce Shop.

Nov 19, 2020

Hot Sauce - a look into our most popular sauces with a kick!

Take a look into the headliners of our Hot Sauce Challenge Set.

Nov 16, 2020

Amazon X Sauce Shop - Berty's Stuffing Ketchup

Read all about Berty's Stuffing Ketchup, our new Amazon Christmas collaboration designed by seven year old Berty!

Oct 27, 2020

Brussels Sprout Ketchup… back by popular demand.

Find out more about our Brussels Sprout Ketchup and our genius (or mad) idea to bring it back in 2020.

Oct 16, 2020

The story behind Sauce Shop Cook-In Sauces

Find out more about our brand-new Cook-In Sauce range and the inspiration behind it.

Dec 9, 2019


Why, just why? Find out more about our limited edition Brussels Sprout Ketchup...

Nov 1, 2019

Sauce Shop x Sainsbury's Future Brands

We're pleased to share that we are now a Sainsbury's Future Brand, making our sauces even more easy to get hold of!

Aug 26, 2019

Why Craft Is Better

Pam shares her thoughts on why craft is best when it comes to food manufacture.

Oct 24, 2018

White Label goes tropical… WL#05 Pineapple Ketchup

We've gone sweet and fruity for our latest limited edition... Since starting Sauce Shop a little over four years ago,...
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