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We Are Carbon Negative! - Sauce Shop

We Are Carbon Negative!

ON YOUR BIKE, CO2. For all the carbon we emit or contribute to as a business across scope 1, 2 and 3, we offset 2X the amount through Ecologi. This means we are more than covering our impact as we continue to reduce our emissions and work on other sustainability areas within the business.

We've always aspired to do good in business, although most of the time so far has been about surviving, getting the right team in place, the systems and processes to run a safe and efficient manufacturing operation. Growing from 2 food lovers cooking sauce on the hob at home to an operation kicking out 40,000 bottles of incredibly delicious, no-compromise condiments every single week has been no mean feat. But we're now in a position where we can and need to do more.

Working with our offset partner, Ecologi, we support a range of certified carbon reduction projects across the world. These are not vanity projects, but genuinely impactful programs to tackle climate change head on. The first project we're supporting with Ecologi, is a sustainable energy project in India. This project is awesome and involves using waste rice husks (the hard protective covering of grains of rice that are discarded when rice is harvested) to produce electricity, eliminating the combustion of fossil fuels for electricity generation which is the norm in rural India.

The second project we're supporting right now is a cleaner cookstove scheme in Africa. Standard cookstoves are nasty CO2 emitters. Ecologi are supporting the Toyola project in Ghana, and the 3 Rocks project in Zambia, to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support local families. Both projects involve replacing carbon-intensive charcoal stoves with fuel efficient insulated ones to make cooking more sustainable. Both projects are verified by the Gold Standard and the Verified Carbon Standard.

We know that our responsibility goes way beyond offsetting our emissions which is why we’re also working across our own operations and supply chain, reducing our impact as much as possible. We’re working on a comprehensive Impact Report which will include a much more detailed breakdown of our impact and our activities which we’re aiming to release towards the end of 2021.
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