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Meet Fry Up Police - Sauce Shop

Meet Fry Up Police

Yes we have just launched a collab sauce with, what on the face of it, is a social media community. It is a bit unorthodox we'll give you that. But there's more to it. Fry Up Police (FUP) have been putting fry-ups in their place since they started in 2014. One thing for certain is FUP brings together fiercely passionate foodies.
Truthfully, we've been online mates with Fry Up Police for a little while now so it's epic to link up and do something proper together.
We wanted to give you a bit more background, so Tom (Fry Up Police creator) kindly agreed to chat us through all sorts; the optimal time to eat this greasy British classic, the history of the FUP community and what F.U. Sauce is all about.

Meet Tom...

Talk to me about why you love fry-ups so much

"I developed a passion for a top quality fry up after becoming repeatedly disillusioned by the piss poor quality of the fry ups being served nationwide, that had become ‘acceptable', so I felt like I had to do something about it"

How did FUP start? There has to be a story worth telling here...

"Basically, a bunch of mates on Facebook rounding on each other’s paltry efforts and mercilessly trolling them for it. 250 thousand followers later and here we are!"

We’re convinced foods have an optimal consumption time when they’re at their best... what’s the best time to eat a fry-up?

    "It’s quite simply got to be that hangry hangover ‘save me’ vibe right? Although I am a ‘fry at all hours’ kind of guy, as my high cholesterol will testify to"

    What’s your go-to fry-up drinks pairing?

    "Tommy ten drinks me tbh. I LOVE freshly squeezed OJ. A pint of strawberry Crusha never goes amiss either but the all time champion fry up drink accompaniment is (NOT TEA) a Bloody Mary"

    Top tips for making an elite fry-up at home?

    "Slow and steady wins the race, but most importantly, NO great dish was ever made using shit ingredients" 

    Talk to us about F.U. Sauce, in your own words what’s it all about?

    "For me, it’s a dream realised. I have literally fantasised about putting a FUP breakfast sauce out there for years, to finally do it and with you guys is the absolute icing on the greasy cake". Pick up a bottle of F.U. Sauce on our website.

    What restaurants can you recommend that does a legendary fry-up?

    "My all time number one is Olives in Norwich. Consistently banging for years and years. Norwich has a few more absolute worldy fry up establishments too. For that classic caff vibe it’s got to be E.Pellicci in Whitechapel though. Polo Bar on Bishopsgate serve a top fry 24/7 too! The Koffee Pot in Manchester is definitely on my radar right now n all"

    Give us a fry-up hot take? Sure you have quite a few.

    "Smoked streaky is the best bacon and that’s the end of it. Oh, also, if you don’t enjoy egg yolk touching your bean juice you need to get checked out"

    Why work with us, over other sauce brands?

    "Because you are all about quality. No nonsense. No compromise. Pure, unadulterated quality. Who wouldn’t want to be involved with that?!"
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