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Sauce Shop X Tiny Rebel Brewing Co

Craft beer meets craft sauce. We’ve spent the past few months working with Tiny Rebel Brewing Co to bring you our limited-edition summer BBQ collab - three totally unique flavours using three Tiny Rebel beers. Click to get hold of the gift box!

The craft beer movement has been a BIG influence for us, we’ve always been intrigued by the weird and wacky flavours and styles that pop up. We worked with local Nottingham brewery, Neon Raptor, a few years ago on a collab sauce and to this day, we still see SO many requests to bring back beer sauces. Well we’ve listened. Beer sauces are back with a bang. All three Sauce Shop X Tiny Rebel flavours are packed with quality ingredients and our favourite Tiny Rebel beers.

Clwb Tropica Tropical IPA Hot Sauce

Hazy and golden, just like the beer - this is a totally tropical hot sauce. Our signature aged habanero peppers are combined with Tiny Rebel Clwb Tropica Tropical IPA and loads of juicy pineapple and mango. This is a proper summer sauce. Tropical, hot and beery.

Pump Up The Jam Jam Doughnut Pale Ale BBQ Sauce

We've crammed this fruity BBQ sauce full of juicy raspberries and a generous helping of Tiny Rebel Pump Up The Jam Jam Doughnut Pale Ale. Sweet, jammy, spicy goodness - the perfect all-round BBQ sauce. We have had countless requests for a fruity, sweet BBQ sauce and this fits the bill.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Porter BBQ Sauce

This one’s for you porter lovers. Vanilla spiked porter BBQ sauce with a full-on Smore's flavour. Lightly spiced and full of Tiny Rebel Stay Puft Marshmallow Porter, this is the BBQ sauce you want on those ribs!

Who are Tiny Rebel?

They’re an award-winning craft brewery from South Wales. They brew all sorts of beers, from sessionable pale ales to crazy sours and Triple IPAs. They’ve got bucket loads of imagination which translates to brewing some seriously good beer. The Sauce Shop team are big fans. We’re also big fans of their journey which is dead similar to ours.

Grab the Sauce Shop X Tiny Rebel 3 Pack - only available for a limited time!

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