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Lovely. Sauce Shop sauces are delicious. Especially the lime and aioli

Fantastic range of sauces and rubs

I've been using Sauce Shop for years. The recent range of Buffalo Hot Sauces and the new Burnt Pineapple Hot Sauce are outstanding! I always ensure I have a bottle of the insanely hot Habanero Ketchup too. Highly recommended!

Always Good to Get

It was very good hubby loves it

Breakfast sauce of champions!

Love this sauce, it's perfect in a sausage and bacon roll. Something a bit more interesting than your standard ketchup for breakfast dishes.

Chipotle and lime

Can’t stop putting this on very high percentage of my meals. Can’t recommend highly enough

Cherry bourbon bbq

Fantastic with a steak

Recipient loves gift

Habanero with Mango bought recipient loves. Good delivery.

Tomato Ketchup
Janice M.
Tomato Ketchup

Love this sauce

Perfect item to fit the sauce shop own sauces in side of it looks great on the outside kitchen.

Great sauces

My favourite hot sauce ever!

Excellent sauces again from my fave shop

Buffalo sauce

I get the other sauces for my partner and I can live without them. The buffalo sauce however, is for me. It’s so good that I sometimes will think about it out of the blue and plan the meals I make around it. Perfect amount of spicy, ideal with crispy chicken or crispy potato, mMMmm.

Great sauces

All lovely

Hotter than the buffalo sauce we got and also very sweet. Nice combo but not one I’ll use for too many meals.

Ranch Mayo
Anuj M.

Tasty and not sweet

Been craving a proper buffalo sauce since being in the states, this hits the spot!

Hard to find what to pair this with but still good, the type of hot sauce you pair with a salad because the fruitiness

Best hot sauce I've had in years, nice balance of sweet and heat which gets hotter the longer you leave it before opening it or finishing it

Perfect all-round dipping sauce, great ration of garlic and mayo taste and refreshing with a pizza

Nice and creamy sauce, a slightly enhanced version of a korma sauce

Great quality, perfect size for portioning dips

Great on own or mixed with garlic mayo to make a nice dipping sauce for almost anything


These causes are the most flavoursome and delicious I’ve ever tasted I ordered more as we have a BBQ arranged for someone’s birthday they will go down a treat .

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