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Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce
Megan (Watford, GB)
Give it a go!

Thought I'd try this as it was highly rated... did not disappoint! Great with chips!

Cherry Bourbon BBQ Sauce
Megan (Watford, GB)
Love it!

Great smoky tasting tomato sauce. Use it a lot of dishes to enhance flavour.

Honey Sriracha Drizzle
Megan (Watford, GB)

10/10 sauce. Really loved the sweet but hot sauce taste!

Original BBQ Rub
Megan (Watford, GB)

Really enjoyed using this rub alongside the hot buffalo sauce. 10/10!!

Cherry Bourbon BBQ Sauce
Rob N (Calne, GB)
Proper naughty on burgers!

The first time I tried this was yesterday when the sun was out - added it to my onion burgers that i'd just cooked on the BBQ and melted the cheese on and added this onto my burger which was in a nice butter milk bun. The taste was just perfect with everything.

Beautifulllll. Its great when you use it as a marinade on meats to!

Sweet Chilli, but with extra bite!

If you like sweet chilli with your Chicken or whatever meat you prefer, give this a try! Its that, but better in all ways! the sweetness is more refined and the hotness has a really nice after burn, but just the right amount of burn and kick. I love it. :)

Thanks Rob!

Sauce Shop X Fry Up Police - F.U. Sauce
barry lee (Stevenage, GB)
The best

It's one of a kind 😍👍

Cranbanero Hot Sauce
Darren Harvey (Nottingham, GB)

Hot, sharp, fruity, delicious!

Sauce Shop x Foals - Holy Fire Hot Honey
Dave Stockdale (Bradford, GB)
Slightly disappointed

Excellent flavour but no real heat. Maybe my taste buds have been burnt off by the maple habenero sauce

Haha maybe so! We created the recipe with Jack Bevan (Foals drummer) we decided it shouldn't be a crazy hot sauce heat wise, we wanted great flavour to be more prominent than the initial heat! We appreciate the feedback though :) thanks for trying!

Classic Sauce Collection (Set of 12)
Allyson Walker (Southampton, GB)
Amazing Selection

Having previously tried the mayo’s orders this to try more of the range. Great value for money, there is something for everyone in this magical box of treats. Love the cook in sauces, with the smoky southwest being my favourite. Not quite got round to trying all the condiments, but I will definitely be re-purchasing this magnificent box!

Thank you!

Sriracha Chilli Mayo
Allyson Walker (Southampton, GB)

Definitely my favourite flavoured mayo of all time, no other brands come close. It actually has flavour (unlike a certain big company famous for their sriracha products) and a slight kick to it, which makes it the ideal pick me up for what could be a boring price of food. This sriracha Mayo goes on burgers, in sandwiches/wraps, on salad, with chips, pizza, you name it, and it will accompany perfectly.

It certainly does give food a spicy kick! Works well with multiple foods :) Pleased to hear Allyson. Thanks so much!

Great taste

These sauce are brilliant! I think the spicy marinara and mother tomato have to be my favourites

Thanks George! Great to hear that you enjoy :)

Buffalo Hot Sauce
Jacob Fawcett - Jones (St Helens, GB)
The best

I've tried so many other buffalo sauces, but this is the one I always come back to. Nothing else comes close!

Thanks Jacob!

Sauce Shop X Fry Up Police - F.U. Sauce
Jacob Fawcett - Jones (St Helens, GB)
Seriously, F.U

This is like brown sauce on crack. You can taste the Chipotle coming through and it's just enough heat, it's got that tangyness that brown sauce needs! Perfect on a sausage sarnie for me.

Haha love this! Sounds fitting for the sauce.

Sauce Shop X 12:51 - Scotch Bonnet Chilli Jam
Jacob Fawcett - Jones (St Helens, GB)
Heat & Sweet

Amazing! Great flavour from the chilli's, but the sweetness adds another dimension. Great in sarnies, on top of some chicken or try a cream cheese bagel with a layer of this smothered on top. Perfect.

Hey Amy, really sorry you weren't a fan of the hot honey! We haven't heard of that issue before, but we'll definitely look into it being gritty... we do recommend giving the bottles a really good shake before using (might be something to do if you didn't try this already?). Glad to hear you're a fan of our other sauces, and thanks for giving it a try :)


Very original sauce!

Please to hear you are enjoying

Loved it!

Will definitely buy again


Incredible sauce

So good. I’ve had to ration myself 😅

This is a lovely chilli jam and I can’t stop eating it. It has a really nice flavour with a kick - i’d personally like it a bit hotter but it still hits the spot.
Nice big jar too so worth the money.
Highly recommend on a bacon, brie and rocket sandwich 🤤 yum.

Haha it really is rather popular! Cheers for enjoying :)

Original Hot Sauce
Amy (Leeds, GB)
Love love love

One of my favourite hot sauces ! It’s really versatile and goes with pretty much everything. Nice level of heat and the overall flavour is great too.

Excellent stuff! Great to hear Amy :) Thanks so much!

Disappointing 😢

I was very excited to try this new release and ordered it as soon I saw it but unfortunately I haven’t enjoyed it at all.

My main issue is the slight gritty texture (I assume from the activated charcoal) which at first I thought I hadn’t washed my salad properly as it had the same kind of grit when you miss the fine soil on lettuce! But I could even taste it on other dishes like pizza and chicken. I was also expecting it to be much hotter,I like heat but feel this barley has a kick to it at all.

On the positive side it has a lovely sweetness and nice flavour.

I’m really sorry Sauce Shop as I think your products are great but this one isn’t for me. xx

Buffalo Hot Sauce
Kirsty Stubbings (Dagenham, GB)
Best hot sauce

Title says it all. Amazing!

Wicked, thanks Kirsty!

Smoky Chipotle Mayo
Kirsty Stubbings (Dagenham, GB)
Really Tasty

Won’t have chips without it now!! Jar is half empty already after a week!

Holy fire hot honey

Love it, I've nearly used one bottle it's good with cheese and on pizza and with fish, I don't eat meat other than fish so can't comment on if it good with that which I'm sure it is! It's that nice I've even necked it straight from the bottle, I'll have to order more soon!!

Haha, amazing glad you're enjoying it!

Makes cheese even sexier...

Drizzle this little minx over some cheese and crackers you won't regret it.

BIG claim. But we're here for it. Thanks Sarah!

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