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Really tasty. Great on a cheese sarnie


Being fairly new into the buffalo hot sauce world (where have I been!!), I was hoping this would be on a par with those I've tried from other brands. Well, this sauce hits all the right notes and in my view, surpasses those others in the market. The heat slowly gets going and stays with you well after the initial hit. Perfect.

Great Sauce

This ketchup has an intense tomato flavour which is with a good balance between sharpness and seasoning. If I had to find something to moan about, it would be that's it's a tiny bit sweeter than I am used to.

Overall though a hundred times better than the big brand stuff, but it should be for the premium price.

Lastly, even though it's pricey, you don't need as much sauce because of the intensity of flavour, so this makes up for the higher price to some degree.

A great collection

These compliment any bit of meat, fantastic for a bbq. We will certainly be back for more.

Great value and great taste

Brilliant variety of sauces! The Carolina BBQ one very moreish, chipotle ketchup sweet and smokey, sriracha ones garlicky and hot, and the really hot sauce sweet and spicy like scotch bonnet chillis are.

At Sauce Shop we obsess over flavour.

There should be no compromise, so we make sauces that taste extraordinary. Our recipes are full of real food and no junk, each ingredient we use is selected to enhance what you taste.

Flavour takes a back seat in too many sauces, nothing is more important. We’re daring to be different where mediocrity rules.

No junk. Real flavour.

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Sauce Shop lands at Sainsbury's

You can now find 3 of our products on the shelves of 270 Sainsbury's stores.

Green Sriracha

South Carolina BBQ Sauce

Amarillo Hot Sauce

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