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Unusual but awesome

Being quite a fan of craft beer (and having read the Crafty Aardvark review of this sauce) I decided to give this a go. I’ve sampled other Sauce Shop offerings before and been mightily impressed, so was really looking forward to this collab with a craft brewery.

I could go on and on about it, but I’ll keep it short - this sauce is incredible stuff. Don’t expect a full-on sweet experience, this stuff has depth and dimension (literally not words I thought I would ever use when talking about sauce). It’s rich, it’s sweet yes but also malty and deep. I’d happily enjoy it as a dipping sauce, but I used it on a slow-cooked brisket and made pulled beef buns. That’s where, for me, this sauce shines - as a sauce base, marinade or baste. The little I have left is going onto steaks for the barbecue.

Great job on this sauce, would give 10 stars if that were an option, you have just earned a repeat customer.

Not a fan

Really didn’t like this great consistency but the flavour isn’t to my taste at all

Nice spice

Perfect amount of spice love this and the chipotle mayo


Absolutely love this mayo such a nice flavour one of my favourite sauces ever

More of a dressing

Not a bad sauce but really is runny like a dressing personally wouldn’t buy again

At Sauce Shop we obsess over flavour.

There should be no compromise, so we make sauces that taste extraordinary. Our recipes are full of real food and no junk, each ingredient we use is selected to enhance what you taste.

Flavour takes a back seat in too many sauces, nothing is more important. We’re daring to be different where mediocrity rules.

No junk. Real flavour.

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