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Our 2021 So Far - Sauce Shop

Our 2021 So Far

Hey, Pam here! This year has been awesome and scary at the same time. Emotions changing by the minute. And I'm not just talking about our little sauce making bubble but everyday life. I thought you'd like to know what our team has actually been up to this year... here's our half 2021 update!

It always surprises me just how much work we manage to cram into the years at Sauce Shop! This year, there have been the inevitable lows and times of uncertainty, but our awesome team have never faltered.

Aside from the day-to-day challenges of growing a business, team and manufacturing site (quickly), we’ve launched some epic new stuff this year, including our Garlic Mayonnaise which has been a great seller on our online store and our limited-edition summer collab with craft brewery, Tiny Rebel Brewing Co.
We announced that Sauce Shop is now a carbon negative business, part of a massive company-wide project to reduce our environmental impact and be a force for good. This is an always-on project, so we'll be giving you updates on this as we delve further into it... more to come this year.

WE’RE GONNA BE ON TELE; We’ve had film crews on-site twice over the past six months… the results of which will be aired in the near future so be on the lookout for our faces on your box. We can't really say much more than that, but the shows will give you some incredible insight into life at Sauce Shop.

(sorry for the blur, it's top secret)

To add to this, we also said goodbye to one of our much-loved team members, Maria as she goes off to have the first official Sauce Shop baby!!

We have a lot more planned for this year, including exciting collabs (our Scotch Bonnet Jam which is now live!), our Christmas range and a secret project we’ve been working on in the background (let’s just say, Sauce Shop is about to get a bit more roomy 👀)

All this and we have never forgotten our mission… To make eating exciting and food more flavoursome.

Hopefully you agree we’re succeeding!

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