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Our Story

We have always loved cooking great food and finishing it off with a bit of sauce, but why cover nice home cooked food with poor quality condiments? Dissatisfied with the gloopy and bland sauces we had a fridge full of, in 2014 we set about making something different.
Sauce Shop started out with a few kitchen experiments, plenty of blown up appliances and some freezing cold mornings on our local farmer’s market. We got great feedback on our first product, Smoky Chipotle Ketchup, so we came up with a range of recipes for sauces we loved. 

Since then we’ve spread our sauces onto tables across the country and even abroad. What started as a hobby has turned into a full time mission to change what goes on the nation’s plates. Our sauces are still made in small batches, by hand, using great quality ingredients and no rubbish. They are carefully crafted, full of flavour and we still eat them by the truckload. We’d love you to join us in our fight for #realsauce!
If you want to learn even more, we have a detailed account of our story plus some great old images in our blog.  Find it here.
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