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F.U Sauce

Introducing F.U. Sauce

Say hi to our latest collab drop... F.U. Sauce made in collaboration with social media's number one fry-up authority, Fry Up Police
We love a collab sauce. It lets us reach people who've never heard of Sauce Shop before, it often allows our collaborator to reach a brand new market (Fry Up Police & Tiny Rebel as prime examples) and it lets us get experimental. We are a craft sauce brand after all, with innovation and experimentation in our blood. We don't want to make the same 5 sauces over and over and over again. Maybe we can't quite throw new launches out like the craft beer industry does, but we are all for collabs and interesting new sauces.
Fry Up Police X Sauce Shop - F.U. Sauce
Enough of that, meet our latest drop - F.U. Sauce. This is everything your fry-up ever dreamt of. We've taken the sweetness of tomato ketchup, combined it with the tart tanginess of brown sauce, and then added some vodka and Chipotle for an extra kick. Slap this on a fry-up, in a breakfast burger or just serve it up with fries.
The brown vs red debate has a lot of heat around it, and we're convinced people will argue over this one food option until the end of time. But for now, we're throwing another fighter in the ring. And we think it might just win.
Oh and we've done it all with our good mate, Tom from Fry Up Police!

But... who are Fry Up Police?

Tom - Fry Up Police
Ha, well if you've had the misfortune to not be knocking around in the Fry Up Police Facebook groups since 2014, then you've missed out. Although that depends how good your fry-up game is. Many fans have had their glorious Sunday morning creations torn to bits by the community. Tom (creator of Fry Up Police) has always wanted to craft the ultimate brekkie sauce since his pages blew up a few years back. He didn't think it would ever happen, but here we are! Fry Up Police have ranked thousands of fry-ups over the years, so he's got a pretty good eye for what makes a good sauce to go with one!

If you want to give F.U. Sauce a try, visit the page to check it out.
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