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Do you offer free shipping?

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Unfortunately due to the high cost of shipping fragile and heavy products, we aren't able to offer free shipping at this time.

What are your shipping costs?

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UK shipping is £2.95, which will be added at the checkout.

Do you ship to the EU?

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No, (but sort of yes) … Brexit caused a few problems so we’re still working it all out.

We don’t offer it on our website as standard, but we can price it up for customers who are willing to pay the shipping costs (can range between £20-£50) and any import duties.

If that’s what you’re happy with, get in contact via

Wholesale trade customers can purchase through Faire.


What do you mean by “craft sauce”?

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Ok, so think craft beer but for condiments. Following the boom of the craft beer movement a few years ago, came a surge of independent food producers, creating products which the big brands could only dream of coming close to, in terms of flavour and quality… and that’s where we sit.

Here’s a blog all about what we mean by “craft sauce”.

Where are Sauce Shop sauces made?

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We make everything here in Nottingham, in the UK. What started in the home kitchen of our founders, has moved about 10 minutes down the road. Our team cook, bottle, label and pack every single Sauce Shop sauce from here.

How are Sauce Shop sauces made?

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With good ingredients and time. We never use anything artificial, and only add ingredients if they add flavour. No thickeners, or stabilisers.

Our sauces are cooked in open vessels, using evaporation to thicken. Our team are hands on at every stage, it’s not just a load of autonomous machines doing the leg work!

Are Sauce Shop sauces vegan & gluten-free?

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Most of our sauces are suitable for vegans, but you’re always best to check the ingredients of products that you’re interested in on the website or on the bottle label.

We do handle gluten on our site, as it features in a very small number of our recipes. We have effective segregation and cleaning throughout the site, but we can’t 100% guarantee any of our products are free from gluten due to handling it on site.

Will Green Sriracha be coming back?

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Wow. We get asked this a lot. The answer is maybe! But not anytime soon. It’ll probably be back one day as a limited-edition so keep your eyes peeled.

Can I buy Sauce Shop in store?

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You can grab our sauces in Sainsburys, Whole Foods, Booths, Co-Op and on Amazon, along with hundreds of independent retailers across the UK. Here's our stockist page.


Something is wrong with my order, what do I do?

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Nooooo! That’s not good. Contact us with your order number/email address and we’ll sort it out. The best email address to reach us on is

I forgot to use my discount code!

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Don’t panic! Just get in touch. Send over your order number or email address along with your discount code and we can get this applied.

I’m a trade customer and I want to place my first order. What do I do?

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Amazing! We have a separate area on our website for trade.

Just sign up here and you’ll enter the trade portal. If you have any problems, get in touch via

How do I leave a review?

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A few days after you’ve purchased, you’ll get an email asking you to leave a review, so just sit tight! And check your junk folder.

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