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Burnt Pineapple Hot Sauce by Sauce Shop

Burnt Pineapple Hot Sauce by Sauce Shop

Introducing Burnt Pineapple Hot Sauce, a habanero sauce packed with juicy charred pineapple. It doesn’t get much fresher than this. Previously introduced as a limited-edition, it’s now part of our Chilli & Hot Sauces range for good due to popular demand!

Read more about it down below from what it tastes like, to how spicy it is and what foods it will work with.

An image of Burnt Pineapple Hot Sauce in a summery, tropical scene

What does Burnt Pineapple Hot Sauce taste like?

If we had to describe this chilli sauce using one word, it would be ‘tropical’. It’s a vibrant, fresh, fruity hot sauce packed with punchy pineapple that we’ve chargrilled for a subtle smoky edge. The recipe features habaneros, which we barrel-age ourselves for 2-3 weeks. If you love your hot sauces sweet and fruity, this is for you.

If it’s Summer, use this sauce. If it’s not Summer, this will make you think it is.

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How spicy is it?

We’ve ranked Burnt Pineapple Hot Sauce at medium on our scale. Ultimately it is a habanero sauce, as the recipe features fiery habanero peppers which are hot, ranked at between 100,000 and 350,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU). Read more about the chillies we use in our chilli sauces here.

We’ve been careful not to overpower the sauce. It has a kick, but we wanted the overall flavour profile to be tropical and fruity rather than heat with a dash of pineapple.

We previously introduced this sauce back in 2022 for Sauce Shop’s 8th birthday. If you tried that version, expect a little bit more heat as we’ve turned the chilli quantity up based on feedback.

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What food does Burnt Pineapple Hot Sauce work with?

Hot sauces are unbelievably versatile, and our Burnt Pineapple Hot Sauce is no exception. Find all the inspiration you need in our Hot & Spicy recipes collection

This hot sauce brings big tropical vibes, so pair with something along those lines. We love it on tacos, or BBQ’d chicken. You could drizzle it over a salad and eat with a Hawaiian pizza (if you’re a pineapple on pizza type person).

Check out these recipes:

An image of Burnt Pineapple Hot Sauce by Sauce Shop

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Burnt Pineapple Hot Sauce from?

It’s exclusively available on the Sauce Shop website for now. Lots of our other Chilli & Hot Sauces are available in Sainsbury’s, Asda and Waitrose stores nationwide though, find your nearest here.

Why does this feature habanero chillies?

Habaneros are a brilliant chilli pepper to use, depending on the style of sauce. Habanero sauces tend to fit into the sweet hot sauce criteria. They’re typically hot, but tropical and fruity at the same time. Read more about habaneros here.

Is it suitable for vegans?

Yes Burnt Pineapple Hot Sauce is suitable for vegans! Shop our full vegan sauce range here.

Do you make a hotter hot sauce?

Yes, the hottest sauce we currently make is our Habanero Ketchup. Imagine Tomato Ketchup where the tomatoes have been replaced with habanero peppers. It’s very hot!

What other hot sauces do you make?

Burnt Pineapple Hot Sauce is fresh and fruity, and in our opinion, totally addictive. But it might not be for everyone. If you want a more versatile, use-on-everything hot sauce we’d recommend you try Original Hot Sauce. If you’re looking for a sharp, tangy wing sauce then look no further than Buffalo Hot Sauce. If you do love a fruity chilli sauce, order some Habanero Hot Sauce which is packed with mango.

Do you make sauces that aren’t hot sauces?

Yes, our range is huge, covering everything from sweet and smoky BBQ sauces, to cooling mayo’s, sauce gift sets, cooking sauces and lots more. Choose what you’re looking for below:

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