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As seen on social... - Sauce Shop

As seen on social...

We absolutely LOVE seeing what our community are getting up to. Whether that's ingenious recipe hacks or unboxing videos... we love it all. We've gone back through our fan content and picked out a few of our favourite bits from the past few months.
Someone call the police, this fry up should be illegal. This is an absolute masterpiece and I need it every Sunday, without fail. Fryuppolice described our Buffalo Hot Sauce as "rocket fuel", and although I cannot confirm it could power a space ship, I can confirm it's delicious.
Shoutout to bozzaandbazza for this genius use of our shipping boxes. Why spend money on a home for your cat when you can have a box with your order?? We did DM them for the portfolio.
Food_with_george made this unbelievable Birria Cheeseburger, topped with our Smoky Chipotle Ketchup along with a load of slaw and crispy onions. I know you're jealous, so am I.
Thehouseofjerky take things to a different level. They make flippin' Jerky using our sauces. The whole Sauce Shop team have sampled and can confirm, it's as good as it sounds. They've used South Carolina, Buffalo and Habanero Hot Sauce amongst others!
"A Christmas sarnie with some funky ketchups" - I couldn't have put it better than ballybeque. He dashed a load of Brussels Sprout Ketchup and Spiced Cranberry Ketchup all over turkey, ham, stuffing and streaky bacon. This is the Sunday sandwich of dreams.
Christmas gifting done right. Mrrobpayne smashed it this Christmas and managed to bag a load of our new gift sets, a couple of our staple sauces and dip pots. Our warehouse needed restocking when he'd done! Cheers Rob!
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