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Ultimate Chilli Collection (Set of 10)

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Calling all chilli fanatics... From the sweet heat of Honey Sriracha Drizzle to mind-blowingly hot Habanero Ketchup, this collection has all your chilli needs covered. Our signature in-house fermented chillis feature heavily in this set and give that Sauce Shop depth of flavour. We've chucked in a Smoky Chipotle BBQ Rub as well to complete the experience! Please note, this set doesn't come in a gift box.

  • THE chilli sauce bundle you need
  • Whole set suitable for vegetarians
  • Set contains: Buffalo Hot Sauce, Original Hot Sauce, Honey Sriracha Drizzle, Sriracha Chilli Sauce, Smoky Chipotle Ketchup, Habanero Ketchup, Habanero Hot Sauce, Spicy Sriracha Mayo, Smoky Chipotle BBQ Rub, Scotch Bonnet Jam.
  • Nothing artificial, just full-on flavour
  • Made in the UK
Collection Contents 

1x Buffalo Hot Sauce 160ml Very hot and very flavoursome. Wings will never be the same again. Think outside the chicken too… stick this sharp, rich hot sauce in a grilled cheese sandwich or on pizza! We age our chillies and use real butter for an amazing Buffalo style taste.

1x Original Hot Sauce 160ml Your one stop flavour drop. Fruity and hot. No messing around. You know that go-to hot sauce you're always reaching for? That's what this is. It’s hot, but not too hot, garlicky but not too garlicky and the perfect consistency for pouring over just about anything. Enjoy.

1x Honey Sriracha Drizzle 190ml : If Sauce Shop made sweet chilli sauce... we’ve combined our award-winning Sriracha with the perfect amount of honey to create the dipping sauce of dreams. Use as a dip for gyozas, wontons or anything crispy

1x Sriracha Chilli Sauce 260g The chilli sauce we can't live without - goes on everything. Sriracha meets kebab shop chilli sauce. We've combined our signature aged chillies with a load of garlic and added tomatoes for a super savoury note that keeps you coming back for more!

1x Smoky Chipotle Ketchup 260g When tomato ketchup doesn't quite cut it, there is Smoky Chipotle Ketchup. Spicy and smoky, with a whole load of rich tomato flavour. This ketchup is the one you want at a BBQ. Essential chip dipping material and works wonders as a glaze for meat.

1x Habanero Ketchup 260g : PSA: This is NOT tomato ketchup! Go easy with this one. With 22 habanero peppers crammed into each bottle, it's a tad spicy. Proceed with caution! 

1x Habanero Hot Sauce 160ml We use Habanero peppers for their floral fruitiness and intense heat. Ours are aged for up to 3 months to further develop the complex flavour. This sauce is seriously hot and great for adding a big dose of spicy, sharp and salty flavour to any dish.

1x Spicy Sriracha Mayo 260g : Don't bother mixing it yourself - this is much easier. We make this Sriracha Mayo so you don't have to… and we use our award-winning Sriracha as a base, so it's super thick and creamy. No more slop, just full-on heat and flavour.

1x Smoky Chipotle BBQ Rub 150g A smoky, spicy bbq rub, great for any occasion. Use when cooking ribs, wings, chicken or beef. Combine with salt to make a seasoning for fries. Pairs perfectly with our Smoky Chipotle Ketchup.

1x Scotch Bonnet Jam 310g : Sauce Shop meets 12:51 by Chef James Cochran. Get ready for tonnes of heat and flavour. This is jam hot! From James' mum's Caribbean kitchen to helping him win BBC's Great British Menu, this chilli jam has been a lifetime in the making. 

Ingredients and Nutrition

Buffalo Hot Sauce

Ingredients: White Grape Vinegar, Aged Red Jalapeno (29%), Garlic, Unsalted Butter (milk), Tamari (water, soybeans, salt, spirit vinegar), Aged Habanero, Sea Salt (see allergens in bold).

Nutrition per 100g: Energy 77kcal / 322kJ, Fat 4.4g (of which saturates 2.5g), Carbohydrate 6.5g (of which sugars 1.7g), Protein 1.8g, Salt 2.57g.

Original Hot Sauce

Ingredients: Aged Red Jalapeno (61%), White Grape Vinegar, Garlic, Salt.

Nutrition per 100g: Energy 36kcal / 151kJ, Fat 0.3g (of which saturates 0.0g), Carbohydrates 7.0g (of which sugars 3.2g), Protein 1.4g, Salt 4.77g

Honey Sriracha Drizzle

Ingredients: Honey (35%), Aged Red Jalapeno (30%), Sugar, Garlic, White Grape Vinegar, Salt.

Nutrition per 100ml: Energy 180kcal / 753kJ, Fat 0.4g (of which saturates 0.1g), Carbohydrate 44.7g (of which sugars 40.2g), Protein 1.2g, Salt 1.47g

Sriracha Chilli Sauce

Ingredients: Red Jalapeno (36%), Tomato Paste, Sugar, Garlic, White Grape Vinegar, Salt.

Nutrition per 100g: Energy 108kcal / 452kJ, Fat 0.3g (of which saturates 0.1g), Carbohydrate 22.7g (of which sugars 20.2g), Protein 3.2g, Salt 2.20g.

Smoky Chipotle Ketchup

Ingredients: Tomato (42%), Sugar, Onion, White Grape Vinegar, Salt, Smoked Paprika, Chipotle Pepper (1%).

Nutrition per 100g: Per 100g: Energy 113kcal / 476kJ, Fat 0.5g (of which saturates 0.1g), Carbohydrate 25.2g (of which sugars 22.6g), Protein 2.3g, Salt 1.62g

Habanero Ketchup

Ingredients: Habanero Pepper (60%), Onion, White Grape Vinegar, Brown Sugar, Sea Salt, Garlic, Spices.

Nutrition per 100g: Energy 99kcal / 414kJ, Fat 4.2g (of which saturates 0.5g), Carbohydrate 12.3g (of which sugars 10.0g), Protein 2.6g, Salt 2.12g.

Habanero Hot Sauce

Ingredients: White Grape Vinegar, Aged Habanero (48%), Sea Salt.

Nutrition per 100ml: Energy 30kcal / 126kJ, Fat 0.4g (of which saturates 0.0g), Carbohydrate 3.6g (of which sugars 1.9g), Protein 1.0g, Salt 1.65g.

Spicy Sriracha Mayo

Ingredients: Rapeseed Oil, White Grape Vinegar, Sriracha Chilli Sauce 10% (red Jalapeno (36%), tomato paste, sugar, garlic, white grape vinegar, salt), Pasteurised Free Range Egg Yolk, Salt, Antioxidant: Rosemary Extract (see allergens in bold).

Nutrition per 100g: Energy 687kcal / 2831kJ, Fat 74.7g (of which saturates 5.3g), Carbohydrate 2.5g (of which sugars 2.0g), Protein 1.2g, Salt 1.71g.

Smoky Chipotle BBQ Rub

Ingredients: Brown Sugar, Smoked Paprika, Chipotle Powder, Dried Garlic, Black Pepper, Dried Onion, Ginger, Oregano, Mustard. See allergens in bold.

Scotch Bonnet Jam

Ingredients: Sugar, Chargrilled Chillies (Serenade, Scotch Bonnet (3.5%)), Tomato, White Grape Vinegar, Salt.

Nutrition per 100g: Energy kJ 779 / 186kcal, Fat 0.1g (of which saturates 0.0g), Carbohydrate 45.5g (of which sugars 44.1g), Protein 1.1g, Salt 1.06g.


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Storage information

Mayos: 6-month shelf life. Keep refrigerated once opened. 

Sauces: 12-month shelf life. Keep refrigerated once opened. 

In 2014 we came to the realisation that the sauces we were buying weren't doing our food justice. What started in a home kitchen, is now a team of 34 food lovers producing thousands of bottles of sauce on a weekly basis.

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The most rock 'n' roll hot sauce ever made has landed. A Sauce Shop X Foals collaboration.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Asif Shaffi (London, GB)
One of the best sauces I’ve ever had

Your sauces are different from the rest👌🏾

Awesome! Thanks so much!

Dominic Millington (Leeds, GB)
Great set of sauces

My partner loves all sorts of sauces and hasn't found one yet in this pack that he does not like. Would highly recommend for anyone looking to host a Barbecue over summer

Oh yes. These sauces would go down verrrrry well in the warm summer vibes. Thanks Dominic!

Christopher (Walton on Thames, GB)
Perfect Hot Sauce Collection

Fantastic value for money and ten great tasting hot sauces for chilli lovers to enjoy!
The habanero chilli jam is awesome, I think I’m slightly addicted.

Thanks Christopher. Pleased to hear you're enjoying. Although it is a Scotch Bonnet Jam! I do wonder about a Habanero Chilli Jam though.... haha

Xander Mcgregor (Wick, GB)

Yet to find better

Stick to what is excellent Xander. Haha! Thanks so much!

ultimate chilli

Great selection of hot sauces and a bargain price.

Really pleased to hear you're going through the hot sauces well Paul. Cheers! :)

Laura N (London, GB)
Everyone should buy this set1!

Love the sauces included, they are a massive hit in our house, and also love that this includes the chilli jam now as this is one of my personal faves!!

We couldn't miss out the Chilli Jam! It's too good haha :) Thanks Laura!

Scott Bird (Wolverhampton, GB)
No substitute

Second order form Sauce Shop,with regards to quality and taste there's no substitute! The products take cooking and condiments to the next leval, my whole family are now hooked. WORD of caution there addictive!!!

Thanks so much Scott! Such kind words. Means a lot!

Paul Johnson (Wallasey, GB)
Fantastic products

Bought the ultimate chilli pack
Got to say,probably the nicest chilli
Products I’ve had!well done sauce shop will definitely be buying again

Thanks so much Paul!

Lisa Rudd (Edinburgh, GB)
Great Present

Bought as a gift for someone who is a hot sauce addict. He absolutely loved it. Really great value for money too!

Glad they liked it!

Charlotte G (Haywards Heath, GB)
Awesome gift

Arrived very quickly, very well packaged. Ultimate chilli collection made a great looking prezzie and they're all delicious!

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