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Blue background with a spatcock chicken on top, it has lime, chillies, and parsley on top. There's a jar of Scotch Bonnet Chilli Jam on the plate

Jul 11, 2024

James Cochran's Scotch Bonnet BBQ Chicken

Cold summers call for hot food, so it's time to make this spicy spatchcock.
A plate of salad with watermelon, feta, tomatoes, and parsley.

Jun 27, 2024

James Cochran's Watermelon & Feta Scotch Bonnet Salad

The salad of the summer has officially arrived.
A plate of parmesan roasted cabbage on a white plate, it has a green background and Chipotle and Lime Aioli poured all over the food

Jun 6, 2024

Parmesan-Crusted Cabbage with Chipotle Aioli

Eating more veg is never a bad thing. Especially when it tastes THIS good.
A person holding a buffalo burger up to the camera, the burger has pickles, ranch mayo, lettuce, buffalo chicken, and a brioche bun.

May 28, 2024

Popeyes Fried Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich

Better than the real thing? We'd like to think so.
A white plate with Burnt Pineapple Hot Sauce covered roast potatoes, that is on a bed of tzatziki, and covered with pickled onion and crumbled feta.

May 14, 2024

Honey Sriracha paneer bites, on a bed or rice, with chopsticks and a blue bowl.

May 14, 2024

Honey Sriracha Paneer Bites

The bite you won't be able to put down.  

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