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Custom Gift Box - Sauce Shop

Custom Gift Box

Choose any 3 of our award winning sauces to fill a gift box for £13.49. All natural products made in the UK (Nottingham to be precise!)

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Frequently asked questions

I've never heard of Sauce Shop, are you not just some dodgy internet company?

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No - definitely not! Sauce Shop is an independently owned company with a base of operations in Nottingham. Our founders Pam and James Digva started the business from their home kitchen in 2014 after being bored of the blandness they found in the sauces available to them at the time.

We have a team of over 35 people working to produce and ship 50,000 bottles per week and we keep growing and growing every year! Our products can be found in Sainsbury's, Morrisons and Asda.

I've seen similar looking sets cheaper elsewhere, why do these cost more?

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The non branded sauce sets you see in stores are generally low quality products, highly processed with a lot of additives that allow them to be made very cheaply. They're usually made outside of the UK, often China and shipped over here.

We've always devoted ourselves to making the most flavoursome sauces using only natural ingredients. The bulk of our sauces is always fruit and vegetables, while many competitors products mainly contain water, sugar and some thickener to give it body, it's why they're sometimes a bit gel like.

Our ingredients are a bit more expensive and that is reflected in the amazing flavour. These are real food.

We're also still quite small, our operation is a bit labour intensive as we don't have huge machinery. BUT as we get bigger our prices will come down. We just need your support to get there!

What would someone do with these products?

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You can use all of these sauces as a dipping sauce, or for adding to a plate of food to add some extra or more interesting flavour.

You can marinate foods in them too or 'glaze' on with a brush while cooking. They can also be used as an ingredient, adding a boost to a soup or stew.

How do I know my food loving friend or family member will like this?

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Almost all of our sauces have won a Great Taste Award. Each one has a distinct flavour and for anyone who enjoys chilli, the chilli and hot sauces are sure to please them. Our products have received over 11,000 5-star reviews.

An extra bonus is that we're a young British company with our own manufacturing operations, based in Nottingham, every purchase is a boost to British food production.

How much is P&P?

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We charge £3.95 for P&P on orders up to £39, orders larger than that receive free shipping.

It costs us more like £6-7 to post an order, but we know that's quite expensive and so we always cover some of the cost.

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In the unlikely event of breakages or damage to your delivery, we will replace any items that are not usable.

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We plant one tree with every order placed in partnership with Ecologi. We've planted over 50,000 since 2021.
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We've already received over 11,000 5-star reviews from real customers so you can trust that our products taste amazing.
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