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We recognise that, as a manufacturer, our business has a negative impact on the world around us.

This awareness pushes us to continually strive to make our company more sustainable in a variety of different ways—whether that be by reducing plastic in our packaging or proudly partnering with Ecologi on much larger environmental projects.


Tree Planting Updates: The surprising benefits of tree planting projects - Sauce Shop

Mar 23, 2023

Tree Planting Updates: The surprising benefits of tree planting projects

With every order through our website we send a donation to Ecologi, who feed this money into certified tree planting ...
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Feb 20, 2023

Recycling Sauce Shop packaging

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Jan 26, 2023

Project Funded: Peatland Restoration and Conservation in Indonesia

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About Our Glass - Sauce Shop

Jan 31, 2022

About Our Glass

Locally sourced glass, here's more info!

Sustainability and sauce shop

Is Sauce Shop a sustainable business?

We're proud of where we are on our sustainable journey but, let's face it—we're not saving the world by making sauce.

As a manufacturer who make sauces from scratch, we recognise that we have a negative impact on the climate and environment.

There is always room for improvement and, as we grow, we're becoming more sustainable in our practices. So far we've supported several environmental projects, we plant a tree for every order placed through our website, and have significantly reduced our plastic usage.

Is sustainability important to Sauce Shop?

We believe that sustainability should be at the back of everyone's minds in everything we do—both as a business and as individuals.

Although we're here to create great tasting sauces, that shouldn't come at a great cost to the environment.

Tree Planting

Do you fund tree planting projects?

Absolutely. We plant a tree for every order placed on our website.

Deforestation and wildfires have contributed to habitat loss, ecological collapse and rising temperatures globally. The projects we support work to restore these ecosystems and, once grown, our trees will eventually help absorb excess carbon from the atmosphere.

It's important to note that trees grow slowly, so the amount of carbon they absorb will be more significant in the future.

Click here for real time updates of how many we've planted!

Where are your trees planted?

Our trees are located where they can have the maximum impact. Most of them are in Madagascar, with some more in Uganda and Mozambique. Again, you can find where they're located here.

What type of trees are you planting?

Mostly, our trees are mangroves, located in Madagascar. They're tropical, coastal trees which can survive in super harsh conditions. It's thought mangroves absorb 4X the carbon that other terrestrial trees absorb - their complex underground root network is essentially a massive carbon storage unit. That's alongside acting as a natural coastal barrier so that communities and ecosystems are protected in the future.

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