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Mayonnaise & Aioli's

Searching for flavour-packed mayonnaise? You need these sauces! Spread them over sandwiches, mix them with salads or use them as a pizza crust dip. Our mayo is made with free-range egg yolk and no artificial ingredients.

Featuring fridge essentials like Chipotle and Lime Aioli, Ranch Mayo and other favourites – Garlic Mayo, Burger Sauce and more. Love mayonnaise? This is the range for you.

Chipotle and Lime Aioli

Chipotle and Lime Aioli

  • Award-Winning

Burger Sauce

  • Award-Winning

Burger Sauce

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Ultimate Best Seller Collection

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Ultimate Best Seller Collection

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More about this range  

Mayo made the right way, with nothing artificial

Our mayo is just as it should be. Bold, punchy flavour without the artificial ingredients. Here at Sauce Shop, we make every single one of our condiments using natural ingredients.  It’s what we’ve been doing since it all started in Pam and James’ (our founders) home kitchen in 2014. Here are 5 reasons to love Sauce Shop.

Featuring the ultimate spicy mayonnaise, Chipotle and Lime Aioli

The mayo with all the flavour. If you like things fiery and smoky, this is the condiment for you. Expect a punchy garlic mayonnaise, with smoky and spicy notes from chipotle peppers.

We’ve also added a dash of lime for some citrus tang. It might just be the freshest mayo out there, perfect for tacos, fish, fried chicken burgers and pizza crusts.

If you loved our Chipotle Mayo, try this, it’s even

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between mayonnaise and aioli?

Ultimately, the end result is a fairly similar condiment in profile. But there are some key differences from the flavour profiles to their culinary origins and where you’d use each one. You can read our full mayo vs aioli comparison here.

What are the different types of Sauce Shop mayo?

Starting with the classic, our Original Mayo is exactly that. It’s rich and creamy, with free range egg yolk, a little bit of vinegar tang and some mustard.

The heroes of the range are Ranch Mayo and Chipotle and Lime Aioli. Ranch Mayo is our take on a ranch sauce, it’s made using buttermilk, sour cream, garlic and lots of herbs – it’s creamy dip perfection. Chipotle and Lime Aioli is a next-level garlic mayo which is spicy, smoky and fresh from chipotle peppers, garlic and
lime. Read more about it here.

What is mayo made of?

Every single Sauce Shop sauce is made with no
artificial ingredients, from our award-winning Buffalo Hot Sauce to Honey Chipotle BBQ Sauce, and all of our mayonnaise’s. Our mayo’s are made using free range egg yolk, and only feature ingredients if they add flavour. Read more about how mayo is made, and how it varies from aioli here.

Do you make a spicy mayo?

We do… look no further than Chipotle and Lime
Aioli which is spicy, fresh, tangy and rich. You can read more about that here.

Do you make a ranch sauce?

Ranch Mayo is our take on a ranch sauce – we
love taking classic condiments and putting our own twist on them. Grab a jar of our creamy, rich, garlicky Ranch Mayo.

Are Sauce Shop sauces stocked in any supermarkets?

You can find a select range of our hot sauces,
BBQ sauces, mayonnaise and more in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Asda. Find the nearest store that stocks our range.

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