Now the UK's most popular condiment (after overtaking Tomato Ketchup earlier this year), mayonnaise is usually either loved or hated in a Marmite-esque way.  We're definitely in the 'love' camp at Sauce Shop!

All our mayonnaise is made with Free-range pasteurised egg yolks.  We don't use egg whites as they serve no real purpose in making mayo apart from diluting the flavour.  We produce in small batches by hand which gives our mayo a light and whipped texture, like if you made it at home.

Our Original Mayo is full of flavour from the Rice Vinegar and a splash of Cold-pressed British Rapeseed Oil.  Our two flavoured mayos are made using two of our Great Taste award winning sauces - Sriracha and Smoky Chipotle Ketchup.

Mayonnaise supplied with minimum 6 months shelf life.