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This is everything we make, ketchups made from tomatoes but also mushrooms, beetroot and even one made with habanero peppers (this is very hot). Fermented hot sauces similar to Tabasco but with a fruitier and fresher flavour. Chilli sauces like sriracha, we do a red and a green version. Mayonnaise, in plain or spicy versions, only made with free range eggs.

Everything here is made by us in our own production kitchen, we don't outsource to a big factory like many small brands. We believe the only way to ensure our product is of the highest quality and best value is to make it ourselves. Each recipe is made in small batches, by hand, using great quality ingredients and no corner cutting. You won't find powdered vegetables, added water, thickeners, stabilisers or anything artificial in our products. If you wouldn't find it in a normal kitchen, it doesn't go into our products.

No Junk. Real Flavour. It's that simple.

Sauces supplied with minimum 12 months shelf life and mayonnaise with 6 months.

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