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Scotch Bonnet Chilli Jam By Sauce Shop

6 Ways To Use Chilli Jam

This is not an easy list to put together, but these are our top 6 ways to use your chilli jam! Using a sweet, spicy chilli jam in a recipe is an almost sure-fire way to add real flavour. Not tried the Sauce Shop X Chef James Cochran Scotch Bonnet Chilli Jam yet? Pick up a jar here.

Scotch Bonnet Chilli Jam

1. Chicken

Perhaps the ultimate use for chilli jam. James Cochran uses our Scotch Bonnet Chilli Jam on the best-selling fried chicken dish at his restaurant. So whether you want to drizzle on fried chicken, or glaze it on chicken before baking, we'd always recommend!

2. Sandwiches

The ingredients are up to you... just make sure a sweet chilli jam is one of them! Spread it in a cold sandwich or add a good layer of Scotch Bonnet Jam to a grilled cheese sandwich. 

3. With cheese

Who doesn't love a cheeseboard? Whatever the cheese selection, a pot of chilli jam is a must. A spicy, sweet jam and cheese is one of those pairings that shouldn't be messed with. We've written in more detail about what makes our jam SO good with cheese, and all the other foods on this list - read over here

4. Glazed on bacon 

Trust us, this bangs! Using a glazing brush, just spread a little Scotch Bonnet Chilli Jam over bacon to make the sweetest, spiciest bacon you've ever tried. Place that between two slices of quality bread and you are winning.

5. Stirred into a chilli or Bolognese

Once you've made the base for your Bolognese or chilli, finish it off with a spoonful of sweet chilli jam. 

6. Drizzled over pizza

This one is always a winner. We've written in more detail about our top pizza crust dipping sauces before (read that here), but this one is always in that list.

Let us know your favourite ways to use chilli jam! If you haven't yet tried a jar, find our full Chilli & Hot Sauces range here.

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