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The Best Pizza Crust Dipping Sauces - Sauce Shop

The Best Pizza Crust Dipping Sauces

In our opinion, there's not a lot better than dipping pizza crusts in a big pot of sauce. Hot sauce, mayo, BBQ sauces - all of them!

So, in glorious celebration of pizza, we’ve sampled our team and jotted down the top 5 pizza crust dipping sauces in our range…

Honey Sriracha Drizzle

The unanimous winner, this was always going to take the top spot. Honey Sriracha Drizzle is sweet and hot and literally perfect for dipping crispy crusts into. If you like hot sauce that is, because it’s pretty fierce. Out of the Sauce Shop range, it’s probably the closest sauce we have to the usual sweet chilli sauces you’ll be familiar with, but way better.

Garlic Mayonnaise

It’s almost been a whole year since we first launched our Garlic Mayo. It didn’t take long after that to realise it’s up there as a top tier pizza dip. There aren’t many foods that go together as well as pizza and garlic flavoured sauces, in our opinion. Our number one tip: don’t just stick with one. Garlic Mayo and Honey Sriracha Drizzle are an unbeatable combo. You shouldn’t have to go through the trauma of selecting one like we did for this list.

Honey Chipotle BBQ Sauce

 You know when you just know flavours will work? It’s safe to say the team were like that when this idea was raised at our HQ. Honey, chipotle pepper and a tomato base. We’d best describe it as possibly the most “I can literally have this on everything” BBQ sauce we’ve ever made.
There is this weird thing that some people have about BBQ dips and pizza. They can’t fathom it. And don’t even get us started on whether BBQ sauce is a viable pizza base option. It just is. BBQ sauce and pizza works.

Pick Honey Chipotle BBQ Sauce up in Morrisons stores!

Scotch Bonnet Jam

Ha, here it is. You didn’t think we could write a full list on pizza crust dips and leave out Scotch Bonnet Jam, did you? It’s purely sitting at number 4 because of the quality of those top 3 for dipping your crusts in. If you’re into the spicier sauces, this or the Honey Sriracha Drizzle should be your go-to’s. Plus, chilli jams are having a bit of a trend moment right now aren't they?

Smoky Chipotle Mayo

Another mayo! This time, our smoky, spicy chipotle mayo. This brings up the rear of our top 5 but is still seriously tasty as a crust dipper. It’s our best-selling mayo and is, like a lot of the range, a Great Taste award winner. It’s always been a solid favourite with our team and community. Fact is, this smoky chilli mayo universally levels up most foods you could think of.
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