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Cherry Bourbon BBQ Sauce in a Chicken Tray Bake

10 Ways To Use BBQ Sauce

Spent too much time wondering how to use the BBQ sauces sat in your fridge? We're here to help... these are our top 10 ways to use BBQ sauce from hunters chicken, to beans and tray bakes. 

1. As a pizza base

Admittedly not your classic Italian pizza, but so good nonetheless. If you've got some BBQ sauce lying around, have a go at a DIY pizza using it as the base sauce. Top with cooked chicken, onions, lots of cheese and anything else you think will work. Use Original BBQ Sauce, it's a tomato-based BBQ sauce with a rich, smoky hit from molasses. 

2. With pulled pork 

A good BBQ sauce is essential when you're making pulled pork. To be added at the end, when the meat has been slow cooked and is shredded. You could easily do pulled chicken if you're not a fan of pork, or replace with oyster mushrooms or similar as a vegetarian option.

Got leftovers? Slap them between 2 slices of bread with some slaw and pour over a generous amount of Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce.

3. To create the best hunters chicken

Everyone loves hunters chicken, right? This British pub classic is crying out for a top tier BBQ sauce to top it off though. We'd suggest Original BBQ Sauce, which is our classic smoky, sticky BBQ sauce or Cherry Bourbon BBQ Sauce.

4. With Wings

We've written about hot wings before in our 10 Ways To Use Hot Sauce article, but BBQ wings are just as good. You can experiment with the type of sauce used too. Use Honey Chipotle BBQ Sauce for sweet, sticky wings, or use a darker, richer sauce like Original BBQ Sauce.

If you love hot wings instead or as well as BBQ wings, we'd recommend checking out our Baked Buffalo Chicken Wing recipe.

5. To make beans more exciting

Want to add extra flavour to beans? We've got you. Whether you're wanting to level up canned baked beans or you've made your own, stir through a BBQ sauce at the end. Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce works well here! 

Want to go the extra step? Try our BBQ Pit Bean Recipe.

6. In a BBQ quesadilla 

This take on the classic Mexican quesadilla is a must-try. Fill a tortilla with cheese and chicken and drizzle over a generous amount of BBQ sauce. Try Carolina Mustard BBQ sauce for a hit of mustard tang, or Honey Chipotle BBQ Sauce if you like your BBQ sauces on the sweet side.

7. With homemade fajitas

Yes, fajita kits are convenient but there's way more satisfaction out of doing it yourself. Level up your fajita game, and make a sweet and sticky BBQ version with one of our sauces, like Honey Chipotle BBQ Sauce

8. To upgrade a tray bake

Sometimes nothing beats a one pan tray bake... we already spoke about the beauty of one pot's in our 10 Ways To Use Hot Sauce article, but we're back at it here again! What's not to love? Throw veggies and meat (if you want) into a tray, bake it and pour over a BBQ sauce near to the end. We love using Cherry Bourbon BBQ Sauce here, it's got a deep sweetness from the cherries matched with the subtle hit of bourbon whisky. 

To make it easier for you, just try our chicken tray bake recipe instead!

9. Level up your toasted sandwiches

Have you tried Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce in a grilled cheese sandwich? Well, you really need to. It's American inspired and has a mustard base, rather than a classic tomato-based BBQ sauce. It's super tangy and sharp from the mustard base, so pairs perfectly with grilled cheese.

10. Ribs!

The obvious suggestion, and one we couldn't possibly miss out. Ribs need a good quality BBQ sauce, so you're in the right place. We'd suggest using Cherry Bourbon BBQ Sauce. It's rich, fruity, sticky and sweet... everything a good rib BBQ sauce should be. 

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