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Buffalo Hot Wings using Buffalo Hot Sauce

6 Ways To Use Buffalo Hot Sauce

Buffalo Hot Sauce is one of the original Sauce Shop recipes, it's been around since the beginning and is a firm fan favourite. Even though originally created as an all-out chicken wing sauce, it's more versatile than you probably think. These are the top 6 ways to use Buffalo Hot Sauce in your food, in our opinion. You can read more about how we make our recipe here.

1. Buffalo Wings

It had to be. Buffalo Hot Sauce was literally invented for this dish, so we wouldn't be doing it justice if we didn't mention this as our first recipe suggestion. Our Buffalo Hot Sauce is super tangy and sharp from the vinegar which cuts through the fat of the chicken perfectly. If you want to try making them yourself, we recommend trying our recipe for the ultimate easy baked buffalo hot wings.

2. Mac and Cheese

Spice up your mac and cheese with a few creamy, tangy dollops of Buffalo Hot Sauce. If you're looking for something extra to your standard recipe, this is one to try. You could mix it directly into the sauce or prepare some buffalo shredded chicken and add that to your sauce mixture.

3. Grilled Cheese

Another cheese-packed suggestion... try adding Buffalo Hot Sauce to your grilled cheese sandwiches. A sharp sauce and cheese is a dreamy combination. For the ultimate experience, experiment with a mixture of different cheeses. Thank us later!

4. Cauliflower Wings

One more wing suggestion, but this time we're recommending you use cauliflower. Our Buffalo Hot Sauce is completely vegan, so why not give it a try with something other than chicken. There are so many cauliflower wing recipes online, and if cooked right they can be super crispy and a solid alternative to chicken.

5. Hot Dogs

There are lots of combinations that you could try it, but the one we'd go for is chicken sausages, blue cheese and Buffalo Hot Sauce. We've written a super easy recipe for it, so we recommend trying that or experimenting with your own combinations. 

6. Chicken Wraps

Trying to think of a way to use Buffalo Hot Sauce in your lunch dishes? Try Buffalo chicken wraps, or a deconstructed burrito bowl style dish with chicken and the sauce drizzled over the top. You could easily pack these up for office or on-the-go lunches. If you're not at home, don't forget you can grab a bottle of Buffalo Hot Sauce in Sainsbury's, Waitrose and Asda

Wondering what a buffalo sauce even is? Check out our article on that here.

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