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The Secret Behind Buffalo Hot Sauce

The Secret Behind Buffalo Hot Sauce

Buffalo Hot Sauce has been a staple of the Sauce Shop range since the beginning. When people ask what our favourite Sauce Shop sauce is, most of us say Buffalo Hot Sauce. We're constantly getting quizzed on how it tastes as good as it does and the secrets behind it. This is definitely not a tell-all interview, but we are letting you in on what exactly makes Buffalo so special and sharing how our fans are using it.

Recipe hacks

Our Buffalo Hot Sauce has been through a few recipe improvements since we launched it in 2014. Its key attributes have remained the same though - it's sharp, hot, creamy and savoury. Our first recipe hack is that we use real butter. Many other wing sauces use butter flavouring, but come on... it's just not the same is it. Everything we do is about real flavour so it seems a little bit false to use butter flavouring. Along with that, it just makes it so much tastier - it makes a really creamy sauce which is quite unlike our other hot sauces. It's the ultimate wing sauce. 

The second hack is that we are unapologetic about how much vinegar we use in the sauce. It hits you in the face before the chilli kicks in. This makes a SUPER sharp sauce that people often mistake for heat. It's not actually a crazily hot sauce, but it's really sharp. When we say this is the ultimate wing sauce, it actually is. The vinegar helps to cut through the fat of the chicken which is then  eventually balanced by the butter in the recipe.
The third recipe hack is our chillies. Buffalo Hot Sauce has a chilli content of about 30%. We use a blend of our Habanero and Jalapeno Chillies which have been fermented in our production warehouse. This is ultimately what gives the sauce such a spice hit. With our chillies, we age them on our site for at least 2 months. Mike, our resident chilli expert and prep operative is responsible for nurturing the chillies through the ageing process, helping to bring out the complex flavours you'll find in each bottle of Buffalo Hot Sauce. We've written a whole blog article on fermentation which you can read over here. 

How you should use Buffalo

Use it on everything and anything! We'd definitely recommend fried chicken or baked wings - we've got a few great Buffalo Chicken Recipes on our website. It's also great for chips or as an alternative Chicken Burger sauce. It's great on pulled pork and we've even seen fans using it as an alternative on a fry up or bacon sandwich.

See how our fans are using the sauce

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