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How We Make Buffalo Hot Sauce - Sauce Shop

How We Make Buffalo Hot Sauce

Buffalo Hot Sauce has been a staple of the Sauce Shop range since the beginning. When people ask members of our team for their favourite sauce, most of them would point you in the direction of Buffalo Hot Sauce.
Of course, Buffalo sauces aren't a new thing. As you'd expect, what started in Buffalo (in the United States) as a secret wing sauce has gone global. Now, you can probably find Buffalo wings on menus around the world. We make ours, in our factory in Nottingham, selling it on our website and in-store at Sainsbury's, Waitrose and Asda.

The Buffalo Hot Sauce Recipe

Buffalo Hot Sauce has been one of the signature Sauce Shop recipes since we launched it way back in 2014. Historically, it's one of the ones people keep coming back for. Although it's undergone some recipe improvements over the years, it's key attributes have remained. It's sharp, tangy, quite creamy and really hot.
When you first try it, you'll be hit with a punch of vinegar tang. This is often mistaken for heat, but it's what makes it such a perfect sauce for pouring over wings. The vinegar helps cut through the fat of the chicken which creates the most epic wings. Our Buffalo Hot Sauce is completely vegan, meaning it doesn't just have to be enjoyed with chicken or other meats - try it with cauliflower wings instead!
Another key characteristic of a Buffalo style sauce is heat. There has to be a good heat to it. Our Buffalo Hot Sauce recipe is made up of just under 30% aged Jalapeño peppers. Combined with the sharpness of vinegar, this sauce packs a punch. At Sauce Shop, we age all of our chillies in-house. Mike, our resident chilli expert is responsible for nurturing the chillies through the ageing process, helping to bring out all the complex flavours. Interested in fermentation? We've written a whole article about it here

How To Use Buffalo Hot Sauce

Use it on everything and anything! We'd definitely recommend fried chicken and of course, wings (you can find our go-to baked chicken wing recipe on our website). It's also great as a dipping sauce for fries or to spice up a grilled cheese sandwich. Remember, our Buffalo Hot Sauce is also vegan so can be used in lots of your favourite vegan recipes too. Check out our top 6 ways to use Buffalo Hot Sauce article for more inspiration. 
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