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Cooking Sauces

The story behind Sauce Shop Cook-In Sauces

October 2020 has been an exciting month for Sauce Shop. We have officially launched our brand new Cook-In sauce range.
Since we started in 2014, our focus has been on creating the tastiest condiments around – ketchup, mayo, hot sauces and just about everything else. The team love our current sauces, but there’s always been agreement surrounding the disappointing quality of the cooking sauces available on the market. They’re bland and lack the real punch of flavour we have come to expect when tasting sauces. Light bulb moment. 
The initial idea for a Cook-In sauce range arose from a really simple problem – not having enough time in the working week to cook quality food from scratch. Pam and James, our co-founders, resorted to batch cooking sauces on the weekend to fend off the inevitable temptation of nipping down to the local takeaway throughout the week. Anyone working long hours, commuting, looking after screaming children, running your own business or simply not wanting to spend your entire evening cooking from scratch – these sauces are for you! With the concept and some recipe ideas in mind, the team set to work developing a range of cooking sauces which ACTUALLY deliver the flavour the alternatives promise. 
Conforming to the Sauce Shop ethos, all three sauces are jam-packed with real ingredients and are made by hand, in small batches. As always, if it doesn’t add flavour then it doesn’t go in. We haven’t compromised on any of our principles with this range.
Here’s a little bit about each of the sauces:
Mother Tomato is our take on a classic tomato sauce. It’s packed with juicy tomatoes, enhanced with garlic and a familiar hint of herbiness. Cheat at pizza sauce, mix with cooked pasta or use for a warming casserole. 
Ranchero is our Mexican style sauce created with tomato, cayenne and garlic along with our signature chilli mash to give the sauce an extra spice kick making it the ultimate base sauce for chilli con carne, burritos or enchiladas. 
Special Makhani is a rich and creamy North Indian inspired curry sauce featuring fenugreek and Kashmiri chilli – perfect for coating paneer or making a banging chickpea curry.
Forget everything you know about cooking sauces, your ticket to an easy meal is here!
Check out our cooking sauce to discover the range. 
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