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Meet Our New Cook-In Sauces - Sauce Shop

Meet Our New Cook-In Sauces

We launched our first 3 Cook-In Sauces back in 2020, helping to restore our fans’ trust in jarred cooking sauces. We accept that sometimes, cooking sauces can't be beaten for convenience. They're quick and easy.
What we've never been comfortable with, is the lack of flavour.
That frustration is what made us first cook up a bottle of Smoky Chipotle Ketchup back in 2014 (the sauce that kicked Sauce Shop off). Since the release of our first 3 Cook-In Sauces, the community have been sure about one thing. They wanted more. More flavours, to cover more meals. 
Convenience is great, but never at the expense of flavour. These are made in small batches, using nothing artificial. And they really deliver on flavour. 
These are for the people who are short on time, for when you can't be bothered to cook from scratch, for the days you've got screaming children asking "when's dinner ready", for the times you're out of meals before the big shop. 

Golden Coconut Curry

Golden Coconut Curry Cook-In Sauce
Creamy South Indian style curries made easy. Packed with loads of coconut, turmeric and a hint of Kashmiri chilli. A fresh and fragrant sauce that makes a legendary base for a prawn or chicken curry. Pick up a jar here.

Smoky Southwest

Smoky Southwest Cook-In Sauce
Cooking sauce meets salsa, a match made in convenience heaven. Our rich homestyle Smoky Southwest Cook-In Sauce is packed with tomato, smoked paprika and a hint of Chipotle. Made for DIY crunch wraps, nachos or chilli.

Spicy Marinara 

Spicy Marinara Cook-In Sauce
Juicy tomatoes, garlic, jalapeno, and tonnes of oregano make this the sauce for a meatball sub. Rich and spicy, this is the perfect coating for spaghetti, meatballs, and pizza. Comfort food at its finest. Try it
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