In 2014 we were fed up with the poor quality sauces available at our local supermarkets. Spoiling home-cooked food with bland and gloopy rubbish inspired us to try and make something better. 

Our mission for flavour has taken us from cooking sauce in the evenings and  selling on the local farmer's market to a full-time challenge to the sauce status quo.

Now, 4 years down the line, you can get #realsauce in your weekly shop.





The following three products are available now in 270 stores nationwide...

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SOUTH CAROLINA BBQ SAUCE - Click to learn more



Great Taste Award Winner 2017

Known as "Carolina Gold" in the USA, this is a tangy mustard BBQ sauce. Nothing like sweet and smoky tomato based barbecue sauces we're used to in the UK. This is perfect mixed with pulled pork and then served with fries or mash. Can be used as a marinade or glaze for all kinds of meats including chicken, ribs and brisket.  Works well as a steak sauce and even makes a great salad dressing.

Click here for ways to use this sauce.

Ingredients: White Grape Vinegar, American Style Mustard (30%)(water, spirit vinegar, mustard flour, mustard bran, sea salt, turmeric, paprika, garlic powder), Brown Sugar, Unsalted Butter (milk), Tamari (water, soybeans, salt), Garlic (4%), Sea Salt, Spices.

See allergens in bold.


GREEN SRIRACHA - Click to learn more



Voted #2 chilli sauce in UK by Metro last year. 

Great Taste Award Winner 2017

This is our mean green interpretation of the traditionally red condiment.  Sriracha sauces are named after Si Racha, a seaside town in Thailand. Green Sriracha is made with our in house aged green Jalapenos and has a great hot and garlicky flavour. Added spices give it a fragrant and citrus zing that makes it perfect to complement Mexican, Indian or East Asian foods. Try with nachos or in a burrito, with a curry or added to noodles.  It's great for spicing up fried eggs or cooked breakfasts.

Click here for ways to use this sauce.

Ingredients: Green Jalapeno, Garlic, Brown Sugar, Rice Vinegar, Sea Salt, Spices.


AMARILLO HOT SAUCE - Click to learn more



Aji Amarillo is known for its fruity, berry like flavour and beautiful orange yellow colour. A staple in Peruvian cooking, this chilli has been described as ‘tasting like sunshine’. This sauce has a subtle level of heat and bright flavour unlike any other we’ve known.

Click here for ways to use this sauce.

Ingredients: White Grape Vinegar, Aged Aji Amarillo (40%), Sea Salt.




We obsess over flavour.

There should be no compromise, so we make sauces that taste extraordinary. Our recipes are full of real food and no junk, each ingredient we use is selected to enhance what you taste.

Flavour takes a back seat in too many sauces, nothing is more important. We’re daring to be different where mediocrity rules.



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