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Sauce Shop Headliners

Packed full of flavour, made right here in the UK AND now available nationwide in a store near you.

 The main event, the OGs – these are the true heroes of the Sauce Shop range. Guaranteed to make your meals more flavoursome.

 Grab a bottle!

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5 Reasons To Love Sauce Shop

The shortcut to tastier food? Better sauce.

Why Craft Is Better

Pam shares her thoughts on why craft is best when it comes to food manufacture.

Build a custom box

Ready to dive into Sauce Shop?
Create your own custom box full of 12 or 18 sauces and seasonings.

12 products for £33

just £2.75 per item

18 products for just £45

only £2.50 per item!

Build a box

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Frequently asked questions

What is Sauce Shop?

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We are an independent small batch manufacturer based in Nottingham and established in 2014. We pride ourselves on making all-natural condiments, cooking sauces and seasonings using traditional cooking methods.

That means no artificial ingredients and no industrial processing. This is real sauce!

What is the history of the company?

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In 2014 our founders Pam and James Digva had the idea of making condiments at home using only ingredients found in their kitchen cupboards. They didn't the sauces they were buying in the supermarkets were doing their food justice. The sauces they made were a hit with friends and family and they started to sell them on a local market in Nottingham.

Things took off and soon they were supplying delis and farm shops along with a few regular markets.

Eventually bigger stockists came along and the big break for the company came in 2018 when we started to supply Sainsbury's.

Now we run a small factory in Nottingham employing 36 people full time and making 2-3 tonnes of sauce per day!

How are these products different?

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We use fruits such as tomatoes and chillies, vegetables like onion and garlic and simmer them down with spices and seasonings to make sauces like you would do at home. That means we keep all the natural flavours from the ingredients.

Many cheaper products on the market use powders, concentrates and flavourings to imitate real food, they use lots of water and bind it all together with chemically modified starches or gums. These are what should be referred to as ultraprocessed food products.

Can I buy these in shops?

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Yes, you can find our products in Sainsbury's, Asda, Morrisons, Booths, Whole Food Market and many independent retailers too. For a limited time we're also available in Aldi.

Also available from

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