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Project Spotlight: Biomass In Chile

We wanted to pick out one of the climate projects we're supporting and chat a little more about it! We help to fund this project through our partnership with Ecologi.

In recent years, Chile has placed decreasing their reliance on fossil fuels high on the agenda using a mix of approaches including solar, wind and, what we're speaking about here, other sources such as biomass.

The specific project (verified by the Verified Carbon Standard) we support involves taking waste biomass from the Viñales sawmill and turning it into steam which is expanded through a turbine, generating electricity. The energy then powers the sawmill and is fed back into the local grid for use in the community. Things that traditionally would've relied on fossil fuels.

It's thought the emissions reductions of the entire project will be around 250,000 tCO2e per year.

Info gathered from Ecologi, click here for their article.

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