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Sustainable Shrink Bands - Sauce Shop

Sustainable Shrink Bands

We have some big news! We're half a tonne of single use plastic lighter. Earlier in 2021, we switched out all of the bands we use on our glass jars and bottles away from single-use plastic.

We had been using those ones since 2014, but we never really liked the idea and it was just a matter of when we could move to a more sustainable solution. 

Despite the bands being super small, since switching (around 10 months) we've managed to replace over 500kg of single-use plastic with our current more sustainable bands, made from cellulose. The main ingredient in these bands is wood pulp from renewable sources.

Disposing at home

Once you've opened your bottle of sauce, simply throw the band in your food waste... they're completely bio-degradable and compostable. Evidence from our suppliers shows that after a period of 90 days, the bands showed significant degradation to the point of complete structural failure, and offered a biodegradable solution with no trace after 12 months.


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