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A quick catch-up with Pam, our co-founder and brand director - Sauce Shop

A quick catch-up with Pam, our co-founder and brand director

This week, I (Jack) had a quick sit down with Pam, our co-founder and brand director to chat about how Sauce Shop has handled the current year and her thoughts going into 2021.
I guess the first question is, how has 2020 been for Sauce Shop?
Despite everything 2020 has hit us with, it hasn’t been a bad year for Sauce Shop. We’ve had some real highs, including moving into our new premises, the growth of our team and launching some great products. There have also been low points, including the effect of COVID19 on how we do things but, most notably, the loss of some of our customers in the hospitality industry. We’ve watched some of our friends go out of business and others struggle to survive, which has been really sad.
Tell me about the big highlights of the year and any lessons learned!
The biggest highlight for me would be how well our growing team has pulled together and worked through a really tough year. We’ve added some amazing talent to our business this year and the team spirit has been strong despite tough working conditions! So many lessons learned in 2020, but I think one would be never underestimate how much Brussels Sprout Ketchup the nation will want!
Without giving too much away, how do you see Sauce Shop developing in 2021?
Ooh, there’s quite a lot under my hat at the moment.. some exciting collabs coming up and getting ready for BBQ season – that’s all I’m saying for now.
I personally loved the development of the Cook-In Sauces, do you think that’s a range that might expand next year?
Definitely! James and I use them at home so much more than we thought we would! I think they’ve surprised people – customers who are confident cooks have bought them and now rely on them for a quick meal. A limited edition line could be cool, so we’ll get thinking!
Any parting words from you for the readers?
Just a big thank you to anyone who has bought sauce from us this year. The support has been incredible and we have enjoyed introducing loads more people to Sauce Shop! Lots more exciting things to come in 2021, so stay tuned!
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