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Sauces For Your Jubilee Street Party

The jubilee weekend is almost here, and we've got a sauce for every jubilee street party! These are our go-to's from hot sauces, to BBQ sauces and mayo's.

And if you can't wait for delivery, pick up some bottles in Morrisons and Sainsbury's

Sriracha Chilli Sauce

This is our twist on a classic Sriracha sauce. Using our signature in-house aged chilli mash, along with loads of garlic and tomato for sweetness. If you're planning kebabs or flat breads for your jubilee weekend, drizzle our Sriracha over. Grab a bottle here.

Original Mayo

It's not all about heat, or smokiness... sometimes all you need is a classic condiment. Our Original Mayo is exactly what you need on a club sandwich, or drizzled over your salad.

Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce

Barbecue Sauces, Available In Sainsbury's and Morrisons

Onto the BBQ sauces... this is our Carolina Mustard Barbecue Sauce. As the name suggests, it starts with a mustard base, which in itself is pretty unusual in the UK. If you're into a tangy sauce for your BBQ'ed chicken, or to mix in with pulled pork, this is the one.

You can pick up a bottle of Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce in Sainsbury's.

Cherry Bourbon BBQ Sauce

Who'd have thought that cherry and bourbon would go SO well together in a BBQ sauce? This sweet, smoky, fruity BBQ sauce has a super satisfying sweetness from the cherries and bourbon undertones. This barbecue sauce is perfect for glazing chicken or ribs on your jubilee weekend BBQs.

Original Hot Sauce

Original Hot Sauce from Sauce Shop

That classic hot sauce you're always reaching for? That's Original Hot Sauce. Packed with our in-house fermented red jalapeno chillies and just the right amount of garlic. In fact, there's only 4 ingredients in a bottle of this sauce - chillies, vinegar, salt and garlic.

You can find Original Hot Sauce on our website, on the tables of BrewDog or on the shelves of Morrisons.

Holy Fire Hot Honey, in collaboration with Foals 

Holy Fire Hot Honey - Foals X Sauce Shop

Spotted our collab with rock giants, Foals yet? This is the world's first black hot honey, made in collaboration with Foals drummer Jack Bevan. Planning pizzas for the jubilee weekend? Good... but you'll be needing this! It's super sweet from the fermented habaneros, and irresistibly sweet from honey. 

Garlic Mayo

Rich, creamy and garlicky... this is prime chip dipping material (it's also one of our top pizza crust dippers, which we wrote all about here). Our Garlic Mayo is made from free-range egg yolk, and subtle amount of garlic.

We've adopted the same process here that we do with our chilli sauces, we've not gone crazy on the garlic content - we're always pretty careful as to not go for pure on heat. Flavour is always the number one focus. 

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