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Join the fight for craft sauce

If you follow us on social media you might have noticed we’ve been banging on a lot lately about ‘craft sauce’ and wondered what we meant by it.


Craft sauce means no corner-cutting – no starches, no gums, just great quality ingredients. Most sauces are full of additives, water, artificial or “natural” thickeners and stabilisers. None of that sounds very tasty, and it really isn’t.


Real ingredients and great recipes make sauces that are packed full of flavour and that’s what craft sauce is all about. It’s not mindlessly churned out, it’s not traditional, it’s innovative and crafted with care.


We want to show how great sauce can be and how it makes food taste better. Too many plates are topped with gloopy, bland, industrially-produced condiments and we want to change this.


Sauce Shop is launching an attack on mainstream sauces, covering good food in better sauce… it’s war.


Join the fight for #realsauce!

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