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Warming Autumnal Recipes To Try Out - Sauce Shop

Warming Autumnal Recipes To Try Out

As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, there’s a shift away from lighter meals towards comforting, more filling food. Most of us think of BBQing to be a summer activity and with that we stop cooking outside. But there’s something about huddling around the firepit or bonfire that gets our tummies rumbling! And if you’re really nesh (East Midlands reference), there’s plenty of comfort food to be cooked indoors.

Hot sauce, BBQ sauces and ketchups are often seen as summer staples, being taken to BBQs and parties, slathered on burgers and tacos or poured onto wings. But sauce isn’t just for summer, aside from the obvious hot dogs (see delicious example below), there are some great ways to warm up using our sauces in the colder months.

Hot Dog topped with the perfect combo: Tomato Ketchup, South Carolina BBQ Sauce and Smoky Chipotle Ketchup.
Hot Dog topped with the perfect combo: Tomato KetchupCarolina Mustard BBQ Sauce and Smoky Chipotle Ketchup.

There's not a lot more satisfying for a home cook than throwing loads of ingredients together in one pot and ending up with a ridiculously tasty, easy meal. Our sauces make a great addition to “one-pot” recipes, try adding Smoky Chipotle Ketchup to pit beans, Original Hot Sauce to chilli con carne, Brown Sauce to a beef stew or Habanero Ketchup to a chilli. Find James' Pit Beans recipe here

Sauce Shop pit beans
Pit Beans made using Smoky Chipotle Ketchup.

If toasted marshmallows are too sweet for you, try this… toss a few drizzles of hot sauce into freshly popped popcorn. We used Buffalo Hot Sauce, but you could go hotter, with Honey Sriracha or Maple Habanero Drizzle.

Sauce Shop Buffalo Popcorn
Buffalo Popcorn with Buffalo Hot Sauce

Cooking sauces are the ultimate autumn/winter food hack in our opinion. Quick to make, hearty and tasty. Our go-to is a chickpea curry using Special Makhani. You could also add paneer, or some chicken. Find the recipe for our chickpea curry here. Failing a curry, you can't go wrong with a chilli - we love Ranchero over jacket potatoes. Just super warming vibes.

Chickpea Curry with Special Makhani

Not that we are saving the best till' last, but this one is seriously good. If you don't love a traybake then this isn't for you. James' go-to is chicken with some winter veg and Cherry Bourbon BBQ Sauce (here's the full recipe).

Chicken Tray Bake with Cherry Bourbon BBQ Sauce.
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