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What even is Friends of Sauce Shop? - Sauce Shop

What even is Friends of Sauce Shop?

Friends of Sauce Shop first kicked off back in December 2020. Believe it or not, we don't only eat Sauce Shop products! We love a whole host of craft products and we felt like it was our moral duty to share those with you. 

Our aim is to continue building out a range of products we KNOW you'll love. Over the coming months we'll be adding more sauces, rubs and a whole lot more. It's super important to us that every product we feature fits with the Sauce Shop ethos which is why we're really specific when seeking out products to add to the range. You can check out the full range HERE.

Anyway, that's enough about us! Read below and find out about the current Friends of Sauce Shop.

Dr. Trouble 

Dr. Trouble were the very first Friend of Sauce Shop. Our store features two of their unbelievably smoky chilli sauces. The story behind the brand is amazing. Dr. Trouble sauces are unique in that they use fresh lemon juice instead of vinegar. The lemons are picked from trees in the tribal lands in the Zambezi Valley of Zimbabwe, providing a vital source of income to rural people living in one of the most isolated parts of the world. Their cayenne and birds eye chillies are hand-graded to ensure only the finest quality. They roast their chillies in a flame-filled chilli roast oven, slightly charring the pods to concentrate and bring out the subtle flavours. As if all that wasn't enough, Dr. Trouble Sauce is batch fermented in custom-blown glass flagons for up to 100 days, under the African sun using salt sourced from the Botswana salt pans, unique for its exceptional flavour. The smokiness of these sauces is seriously amazing. 
Take a look at Dr. Trouble sauces on our website.

Norfolk Smoke Pit

Norfolk Smoke Pit is the brainchild of ProBBQer Poppy Hewitt. As you may have guessed from the name, they're based in the heart of Norfolk in England. Poppy creates her own spice blends and rubs using top quality ingredients based on recipes she loves. All Norfolk Smoke Pit rubs are hand made, in small batches. No fancy machinery or complicated ingredients here, just VERY good rubs to take your home cooking and BBQ'ing to the next level. The rubs vary from a Mexican flavoured spice rub to a coffee BBQ blend and a lot more.
Take a look at Norfolk Smoke Pit rubs on our website.
What other products do you want to see join Friends of Sauce Shop? Let us know on social media!
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