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Three Netflix food shows you NEED to watch - Sauce Shop

Three Netflix food shows you NEED to watch

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have virtually completed Netflix at this point. Or you’re sick to the back teeth of watching the same legendary shows over and over again. Well, there’s a bit of a hidden space on Netflix full of food content that you might not have discovered yet. Whether you’re into cooking comps or investigative foodie documentaries I’ve narrowed down a few of my must-watch shows. We really do make it so easy for you don’t we.

Chef’s Table: BBQ

Starting strong with this one. This short series profiles four obsessive BBQ’ers from around the world. It starts off documenting Tootsie Tomanetz: an 85-year-old Pitmaster from Texas. She’s a force – she wakes up every Saturday at 1 am to head to work and get the meat on ready to serve to her fans at 8 am. ‘Chef’s Table: BBQ’ is a little bit different from some other cooking shows you might have watched. It dials in on the chefs – looks at why they love BBQ so much, how they got into it in the first place, their influences and looks beyond that, into their life outside of grilling. As always with a Netflix Original, the production here is insane. It’s authentic too. I’ve attached the link for this one here.

The American Barbecue Showdown

Think Great British Bake Off but outside with a load of grills, American pitmasters and slabs of perfectly cooked meat. I KNOW, sounds good right? Eight contestants take part in challenges, with one winning and one person exiting the process after each episode. If you’re on the lookout for a light-hearted, BBQ competition show that you can whizz through while we’re all still in lockdown, give this one a go!

Taco Chronicles

Moving away from purely BBQ meat, I wanted to include this one as a bit of a wild card. Taco Chronicles is a two-season show which believe it or not, focuses on Tacos... ha, no seriously this is a labour of love for proper tacos from the streets of Mexico. The show explores all the different styles of tacos, the cultural history of Mexico and the chef’s behind the food. It explores people’s interaction with tacos as more than just food. If you’re wanting to seriously extend your understanding and connection to tacos and delve a little bit into Mexican food culture – this is your show. Here’s a link for this one.
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