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A selection of your Sauce Shop ideas!

We get tagged in so many wicked photos of different ways you guys are using our sauces, so we thought we'd showcase some of our favourites from the past couple of months.

With summer on its way out we're thinking back to some amazing BBQ food, giant hangover-curing fry ups and some great veggie options.


Sometimes we get asked what our sauces are meant to be used with, and it's hard not to just reply with... Well, anything? So many dishes can be livened up with a sauce, it totally depends! There's always an option whether it's to add a kick, sweetness, sharpness etc etc.

Our sauces are constantly in use at our houses... I (Ali) would argue that Sriracha Mayo is a food group and Nathan pretty much drinks Sriracha, Pam and James get a tad more adventurous as you'll see from some of James' (@jamesdigva) posts!


Can't go wrong with this from @ollie_eats...


'#sorrynotsorry @sauce_shop your chipotle mayo is just too god damn tasty not just to jump right on in there! #nuglife'


What about this beast of a burger from @season_adam?



'Ridiculously good post shift treat. Found a few stray @ggsparkerbutchers rare breed aged patties in the freezer so... topped it with a thick slab of mozz smeared with olive oil emulsified nduja, deep fried portobello and tom via @the_verygreen_grocer flavoured with @sauce_shop incredible mushroom ketchup. Taking it back to the old school before tomatoes were king.'


Big fan of this semi-healthy(?) salad from @bigfatshanks.



'I AM THE SALAD MASTER GENERAL. To be fair though a salad is only as good as its dressing, which was in this case diced spicy roast chicken drenched in sauce__shop's #chipotlemayo'


The post-BBQ season blues are a little too much after digging this up from @ollie_eats.


'Korean BBQ marinaded pork belly #bbqlife'


A dreamy plate of Mexican goodness from @craftbeerandfood...


'Trying @sauce_shop tonight with our Mexican'


Trio of FIRE courtesy of @purpleneeks.



'Level 1, 2 and 3 hot sauce selection on a jerk chicken dinner'


Great shot of these skewers ready to go on the BBQ at our stockist @bowlandfoodhall.


'//BBQ is life // Chicken kebabs... Thai green, with green peppers. Tandoori spiced, or Mediterranean. Add @sauce_shop sauces for the perfect accompaniment.'


As you can tell, we're pretty fond of ollie_eats' posts, here's another one to make you hungry.



'Homemade 1/2 pounder with crispy bacon, guindilla chillies, Gouda cheese and @sauce_shop chipotle mayo'


One of our own, co-founder @jamesdigva showing how to get the best out of Korean BBQ Sauce...



'Korean BBQ Pork Belly with Vegetable Fried Rice (sauce_shop sauce)'


And our other co-founder Pam (@pampampweege) getting in on the act with a quick lunch fix.



'Feta, yoghurt, broccoli and spinach frittata with a healthy dose of @sauce_shop Everyday Chilli Sauce for lunch today'


Check this out... @season_adam knows how to get the best out of Mushroom Ketchup.



'Bianca with shroomz, cream cheese and @sauce_shop mushroom ketchup base. Basil, pecorino, scrap dough.'


Healthy lunches/brunches made exciting by Sauce Shop figure 2 from @raineykelly



'Brunch. Spinach, fried egg and sriracha (finally found one that is not full of junk_), on cut whilst still warm sprouted rye sourdough.'


Another great brunch idea from @adventuremama (we hope you've managed to restock).



'The last of the good stuff @adventurepapa we need to pay a visit to @thedeliatno.5 to stock up on @sauce_shop goodies. Poached eggs on avo toast are not complete without smoky chipotle ketchup'


We loved this veggie alternative to pulled pork from @fabgiovanetti.



'Hail the queen of dinners. Pulled jackfruit sandwich with corn kebab. The bread is the yeast free @beyond_bread loaf - corns from Sainsbury's. The BBQ pulled jackfruit is dead easy to make. I drain a can of jackfruit, and pull it with the fork to break it down. In the meantime my @sauce_shop BBQ sauce is sizzling in the pan with a dash of oil. I add a soffritto mix first, and after 3 mins I have the jackfruit join the party for 10/15 mins low heat. And no, I do not go light on the sauce. That's the real secret.'


And finally, our kind of sandwich, nice one @ollie_eats.



'What do you do on your day off with no parental responsibilities? BBQ your breakfast of course! Streaky bacon, sausages fried tomatoes, fried egg and a big dollop of @sauce_shop #tomatosauce in a brioche bun. Boom!'


It's really cool to see what you come up with - doesn't matter if it's a recipe you've slaved over or a bowl of chips... Why not give some of these a try?

Post them on Instagram and tag @sauce_shop. Keep them coming!


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