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5 reasons to upgrade your sauce

Hey, we’re Sauce Shop, an independent family run start up business.

We make ‘craft’ sauces and like craft bread, coffee, beer or spirits - our sauces are made with great ingredients, using traditional methods and lots of care, with a focus on quality and flavour.



Here are our 5 reasons to upgrade your choice of sauce...


1. Award-winning flavour

Everything we do is about flavour and we’re proud that we hold 6 Great Taste Awards across our range of 15 products.

This means each of those award winning products was judged by 2 separate panels comprised of chefs, food writers and industry experts and both panels agreed that the product was worth a Great Taste Award.



2. Our unique flavours and limited editions

We do make some classic sauces such as Tomato Ketchup and an Original Mayo and then we have products such as the UK’s only Green Sriracha, a Sriracha Mayo and a Korean BBQ Sauce.

Sriracha is a red chilli sauce often made with fermented chillies. Our Green Jalapeno version is more fragrant and citrusy from Thai style spices, it was recently voted 2nd best chilli sauce in the UK by Metro.

We also have our white label range, these are limited edition flavours made as small runs only. So far we’ve made a super-hot Habanero Ketchup and a Cherry Bourbon BBQ Sauce.

This is our chance to play with flavours and bring out products that might be too niche for the shelves of our stockists. These tend be exclusively on our web shop or at events we’re attending and they’re not available for long.


3. We make as much as we can ourselves

We are a small team but we try to produce as much as possible in house.

There’s a lot of temptation as a small food brand to go to a larger producer or factory and get them to make your products for you. But if a small selection of factories are making many products for many brands, then what’s the real unique selling point (USP) for each of them?

We’re proud that we make our products ourselves. We even ferment our own chillies as we couldn’t find a fermented chilli mash that was clean enough for us to use. Another plus point of all of this is that we can be quick to react and very flexible, even experimenting with new recipes and limited runs.



4. We only use real ingredients

Our ingredients are what you’d call ‘kitchen cupboard’ ingredients, i.e. you’d normally find them in a well-stocked kitchen.

We use real fruits and vegetables, nothing dehydrated and powdered. You wouldn’t use powdered onions or garlic in your Bolognese so we don’t use them in our ketchup. We use real butter in two of our recipes, we’ve seen some sauces use butter powder, whatever that is.

A lot of sauces are mainly composed of water, sugar and vinegar. The main ingredient in most of our sauces is a fruit or vegetable and we don’t add any water – it would only dilute the flavour. We use wine vinegars, sea salt and brown sugar - for us every ingredient is an opportunity to add flavour.



5. We don’t use unnecessary additives

Our big brand competitors seem very fond of additives like thickeners, stabilisers, flavourings and preservatives.

We never saw the need to use these as our production process is very much like if you made a sauce at home, just on a bigger scale.

These sorts of additives allow a manufacturer to cut corners or cut costs. They’re deemed safe to use, but just because they can be used, it doesn’t mean they should be.


We’re working on gaining more stockists including some of the UK’s biggest retailers, and as we grow we’ll make sauce more cost effectively, bringing better value to our fans.

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