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WL#03 Our third white label… an autumnal firecracker!

Our first two white labels are on their way out… The summer duo Habanero Ketchup and Cherry Bourbon BBQ Sauce have served us all well, but it’s time for something different!

Step forward a sauce that will transport you from falling leaves to warm clothes, from trick or treating to fireworks and bonfires, this one’s got autumn written all over it.

Our new limited edition is… Pumpkin Hot Sauce.



An autumnal firecracker. Sweet pumpkin and seasonal spices are fired up with Habanero pepper to make this frighteningly flavoursome hot sauce.

Try it with your bonfire night sausages, or with Jerk chicken and rice… It’s fantastic with shredded lamb or chicken too!

We wanted to create something that takes what has become a familiar flavour around this time of year and turns it up a notch. Put down that Latte and pick up a bottle of this.

Pumpkin Hot Sauce is available now on our online store, click here to grab yourself a bottle!

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