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5 Ways To Use Brussels Sprout Ketchup

Christmas is not Christmas without Brussels Sprout Ketchup, that's a fact. Originally dreamt up as a bit of a gimmick Christmas product, it's certainly not that anymore. For many, Brussels Sprout Ketchup is as much a Christmas dinner staple as turkey, pigs in blankets, or sprouts themselves. 

If you're not familiar with the story of Brussels Sprout Ketchup, then read all about that here

Introducing our 6 favourite ways to use it on your food...

1. On your Christmas or roast dinner

The obvious one, but it has to be in this list. Whether you're serving up for Christmas dinner or you're looking for something to give your standard Sunday roast a lift, Brussels Sprout Ketchup has a place. Serve in a pot to dip, or just drizzle over the whole dinner.

2. With a cheeseboard

This one may be a surprise but just hear us out because it works. Brussels Sprout Ketchup is packed full of sprouts, but it's also got a delicious balance of onion and garlic making it sweet and tangy. If you're a cheeseboard fan, you'll know that any condiment with those qualities is the perfect accompaniment.

3. On a leftover sandwiches

Is there anything better than a sandwich with all the leftover roast dinner bits thrown in? If there is, let us know. Brussels Sprout Ketchup is the perfect addition to any leftover sandwich; layer it on top of your turkey, potatoes and veg. Perfect! 

4. With a pie 

Comfort food at its finest, and best served with Brussels Sprout Ketchup in our opinion. Whether it's a veggie or meat pie, serve it up with a plate full of chips, some veg and a pot of everyone's favourite Christmas condiment. You'll be feeling festive in no time! 

5. With sausages 

What sauce do you normally have with sausages? Ketchup or mustard maybe? Well, this is the festive rotation option. It's sweet, spiced, tangy and pairs perfectly with any sausage related dish. Whether that's toad in the hole, sausage rolls or just a good old sausage sandwich. 

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