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The 8 Best Vegan Sauces You Need To Try - Sauce Shop

The 8 Best Vegan Sauces You Need To Try

We fully believe sauce can make or break a meal. Sauce Shop started, essentially out of a frustration of topping good food with poor quality sauce. The majority of our sauces are vegan friendly sauces, so we’ve picked out our 8 favourites. All certain to upgrade your food.

#1 Habanero Ketchup

Alright so forgive us for kicking off strong, but this one is well hot so if you’re not into HOT sauce then go ahead and skip. This is not at all to be mistaken for Tomato Ketchup. You would get quite a fright. Hot sauce and drizzles are all good, and so is normal ketchup. We love them. But sometimes you need something else. We essentially replaced the tomatoes in a typical ketchup with Habanero chillies (there are around 22 of the fiery things in each bottle). Don’t come crying to us, told you it was hot!

#2 Tomato Ketchup Unsweetened

Tomato Ketchup but without the added sugar. We love our normal ketchup, but sometimes there’s a place for something a little less sweet. Our Unsweetened Tomato Ketchup uses absolutely no added sugar in the recipe, relying completely on the sweetness of tomatoes and spices. We’ve also not packed the recipe with a load of other sweeteners either. It’s a sauce that took a huge amount of time to get right! Vegan friendly ketchup and with no added sugar, give it a try…

#3 Tomato Ketchup

The classic. We can’t really say much more than that. It really is a legendary condiment, suitable to be slapped on any food that’s sitting in front of you. Tell us a food which ketchup doesn’t go with? Ok, there might be a few but you get the point. Ours has double the number of tomatoes that you’d find in the leading brands stuff (know who we’re talking about?). We really are the furthest thing away from some of the bland, diluted and scarily smooth ketchup you’ll find down some of the supermarket isles.

#4 Original Hot Sauce

It’s literally that hot sauce you’re always reaching for. The four strong ingredient list is testament to how amazingly simple this sauce is. You’ll pick up on hits of garlic, but the overriding taste is fruity jalapenos. This is the ultimate vegan hot sauce. Banging. We would suggest adding this to any food that needs a little drop of heat to bring it to life.

#5 Scotch Bonnet Chilli Jam

We’ve heard many fans say this is their favourite Sauce Shop sauce, and we struggle to put up much of an argument. It’s perfectly spicy and savoury whilst being super sweet like a good jam should be (we've written in more detail all about our chilli jam recipe over here). It’s seriously tasty. We collaborated with Great British Menu winning chef, James Cochran on this one. It was his family’s recipe and has featured on loads of his dishes, including his best-selling fried chicken dish at his London restaurant, 12:51. If you're on the hunt for a vegan chilli jam then look no further!
Insider note here… our Marketing Exec can’t hack any of our other hot sauces but is completely obsessed with this so that probably tells you everything you need to know.

#6 Maple Habanero Drizzle

Super sweet and super hot. We’ve combined our signature chilli mash, using aged Habanero chillies with maple syrup to create the ultimate sweet chilli drizzle. We’d recommend drizzling all over pizzas, on pancakes or even to spice up a salad. This one is 30% packed with habaneros, so it’s definitely not one for the faint hearted. Don’t be fooled by the sweetness!

#7 Original BBQ Sauce

This is real barbecue sauce. It’s a little bit sweet, sticky and super smoky. We haven’t used liquid smoke like a lot of other BBQ sauces use to achieve that smoke. As always, it’s completely natural using nothing artificial. If we’re talking in American regional BBQ sauce terms, it’s the closest representation to a Kansas City style sauce. This will be the hero on any vegan BBQ food.

#8 Cherry Bourbon BBQ Sauce

Deep cherry fruitiness meets hints of bourbon. Compared to our Original BBQ Sauce, this one lingers more towards the sweet end of the spectrum. Fear not, it’s still a little bit smoky and sticky. Frankly, we’re obsessed with this sauce. As far as vegan BBQ sauces go, it doesn't get much better! It would make an epic partner for vegan burgers or as a dipping sauce for fries.
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