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The Story Of Brussels Sprout Ketchup

Our slightly wacky Sprout Ketchup came about with a call from the guys at Amazon in 2019. If we’re being totally real, our first reaction was, that sounds disgusting and really silly, let’s not go there. But after some thought, James (co-founder) decided he could create a Brussels Sprout Ketchup that actually tasted good!? And the rest is history…

The Story 

Every year, James cooks up his signature braised red cabbage for the family Christmas dinner. It’s the perfect festive accompaniment, with enough sharpness to cut through the richness of buttery turkey, goose fat roasties and cream filled mash and just the right balance of spices to make it Christmassy without being sickly. It was this side dish that inspired the flavour of our Brussels Sprout Ketchup.

In 2019, the ketchup went on pre-sale on at the end of November and sold out three times due to it going ever so slightly viral (Carol Vorderman was known to be on the hunt for some). After promising our head sauce chef Tomasz he would never have to make it again after the first batch, he went on to cook thousands more bottles (sorry Tomasz). Albeit slightly pungent and a questionable sludge green colour, it is actually super tasty, and this is very important to us. Everything we do is about flavour. We cook in small batches and don’t add thickeners, only using ingredients that are completely necessary to create the best tasting sauce.

It came back...

Due to the frankly surprising viral success, we brought it back in 2020 and again in 2021. We now sit here at the end of 2021, with it sitting on the shelves of Sainsbury’s, Boots and hundreds of independent retailers.

It’s had a few TV appearances in its day too, being featured on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, BBC Breakfast and ITV’s This Morning. Yes, Phillip Schofield tasted it. Iconic.


The best of all? A rival sauce company recently described it as “legendary” and labelled us “heroes of wacky ketchups”. We’ll take that.

If you’ve not got your hands on a bottle yet, you can find our Brussels Sprout Ketchup on our webshopAmazonSainsbury's or Boots.

Try it in a Christmas leftover sandwich with all the trimmings, with cheese, or let it grace your dinner plate this Christmas day!

P.S. it makes a legendary joke present for sprout haters.

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