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Tree Planting Updates: The surprising benefits of tree planting projects - Sauce Shop

Tree Planting Updates: The surprising benefits of tree planting projects

With every order through our website we send a donation to Ecologi, who feed this money into certified tree planting projects worldwide. Although the part we play is only a small one, since 2021 the Sauce Shop community has paid for over 50,000 real trees in 11 different countries and across 14 projects!

One of our favourite things about doing this is getting to see the positive impact the projects are having beyond the obvious environmental benefits.

Of course the trees we fund work to improve biodiversity and restore habitats, but the projects themselves are also carefully managed to benefit the locals by providing new employment opportunities, promoting gender equality, supplying more diverse food sources and improving community facilities.

Obviously we can’t take credit for the amazing work these organisations are doing, but here’s some updates we’ve received from a handful of the projects we’ve supplied trees to:

Tanzania and Uganda Forest Gardens

*so far we’ve provided 1,808 trees to Tanzania and 669 trees to Uganda.

In Tanzania and Uganda, farmers have been learning the art of agroforestry to create their own forest gardens.

Forest gardens are a method of farming that strategically combines trees, shrubs, fruits, vegetables, and grains to create a rich and diverse environment that supports the soil, the environment, local wildlife as well as farmers, while providing a diverse range of food for local communities. After struggling with their crops prior to the project, farmers are already reaping the rewards of crop diversity and better soil health.

Find out more about the project in Tanzania

Find out more about the project in Uganda

Woman in Uganda carrying out Agrofestry work

Women at work in the Kakamega rainforest, Kenya

*so far we’ve provided 3,969 trees to Kenya

In the Kakamega rainforest, Ecologi’s partners have been working with Women in Water and Natural Resources Conservation. Now women in the area are establishing their own tree nurseries to diversify their income sources. Being able to have their own income and put food on the table has earnt them more respect from the men in their community, working towards improving gender equality within the community.

Find out more

  Women restoring tropical rainforest in Kenya

Literacy lessons for women wanting to help restore Andean Forests in Bolivia

*so far we’ve provided 60 trees to Bolivia.

As part of this project, Faunagua held workshops about the importance of their local Polylepis forests. While these workshops were being carried out, their staff were approached by a group of local women who wanted to participate, but could not read or write. Faunagua have since started a literacy program for these women which provides the project with even more support as well as improves opportunities for the women themselves.

Find out more

 Woman restoring forests in Bolivia

It's amazing to see the positive benefits going beyond just the planting of the tree and reaching far out into communities worldwide!

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