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Recycling Sauce Shop packaging - Sauce Shop

Recycling Sauce Shop packaging

We know you’re eager to slap your newly arrived sauce on your burger, drizzle it over your chips, coat those delicious wings—but make sure you recycle all of our packaging first! We’ve worked hard to reduce the amount of non-recyclable materials in our packaging. Here’s what we did…

  1. We said “bye!” to bubble wrap and plastic tape in all website orders and replaced it with paper. That’s right, everything down to the tape is paper or card, so you can pop it all in the recycling bin to be broken down and used again.
  2. One of our favourite switch-outs were the shrink bands. Where plastic was once used to seal our bottles tight, we now use wood pulp sourced from renewable sources instead. These are compostable, so simply throw them in the bin or onto your compost heap.
  3. Our giftpacks are also packaged in card. We design these to use as little material as we can, while still keeping your glass bottles safe. Once you’re done with the box, chuck it in your recycling bin.
  4. Once you’ve finished enjoying our sauce, the sauce bottles themselves can also be recycled. Rinse them out first! Always check your local recycling guidelines for what they can and cannot take.

Happy recycling!

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