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Mangroves in Madagascar

Huuuuuge news, we have just hit the 11k tree planting mark! That's over ELEVEN THOUSAND trees which you guys have helped us to plant, so first off, thank you! 

We wanted to go into some more detail on one of our tree planting projects, so here's a little bit more about our Mangroves in Madagascar. The country is one which has suffered major deforestation, slashing their carbon storage capacity and making them more susceptible to natural hazards, so Madagascar is the perfect location for these trees.

Why mangroves? 

They're tropical, coastal trees which can survive in super harsh conditions. It's thought mangroves absorb 4X the carbon that other terrestrial trees absorb - their complex underground root network is essentially a massive carbon storage unit. That's alongside acting as a natural coastal barrier so that communities and ecosystems are protected in the future.

Mangroves in Madagascar

Ecologi have been working on this planting project for a little while now, with a long term aim of planting over 13 million mangrove trees in the area. They work with Eden Reforestation Projects, hiring local people to grow, plant and nurture any trees planted. Any trees you've helped plant will be taken care of! 

So, how do we fit into all this? As you know, for every order placed through our site we fund one tree planted with Ecologi meaning you are having a direct impact on the landscape of Madagascar (or similar), helping to protect the environment and the local communities. 

Here are some of the images from the Madagascar projects.

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