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White Label

We’re buzzing about this…

One of our favourite things about the craft beer movement is the imagination and invention shown by breweries, especially when releasing seasonal beers, prototypes and one-offs.



This is something you don’t often come across in food, definitely not to the same extent. Not in a way that creates a buzz, gets you involved and is ultimately fun and exciting. Why not?

Like our favourite craft breweries, we are constantly thinking of how we can push boundaries with our flavours, put our own twist on a trend or create something completely new.

Sometimes James’ ideas are a bit whacky for our core range, so this got us thinking...


Step forward Sauce Shop White Label.



Starting from now we’ll be dropping a series of limited edition flavours as White Label products - think big, bold and sometimes bonkers.

These will be small batches and one-offs, once they’re gone, they’re gone! It gives us the chance to bring you exciting and daring new sauces that only some of you will be able to get your hands on.

We are pioneering craft sauce and that doesn't just mean making our sauces with real ingredients and care. It means we are forward-thinking and fast-moving, not churning out the same old but creating adventurous and interesting flavours that will get you talking.



The hottest sauce we’ve ever made – our first White Label is Habanero Ketchup.


James has swapped out every single Tomato in our Tomato Ketchup and replaced them with Habanero Peppers.

Each bottle is packed with 22 Habaneros, so this one definitely isn’t for the faint-hearted. It might just be the hottest ketchup in the world.



White Label releases could be anything from spicy to savoury to sweet, sometimes seasonal sometimes not, always experimental and always exciting. Keep your eyes peeled for new releases and make sure you grab one before they disappear.


Sign up using the form below for exclusive first glimpses at our new White Label releases before they are announced, as well as any other new product launches we have in the pipeline!


500 bottles of Habanero Ketchup are available, the countdown starts now! Reckon you can handle it?

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