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Sauce Shop Pineapple Ketchup

White Label goes tropical… WL#05 Pineapple Ketchup

We've gone sweet and fruity for our latest limited edition...

Since starting Sauce Shop a little over four years ago, we’ve been obsessed with making well known and well-loved sauces taste better. But our biggest passion is experimenting with new flavours, that’s where our White Label range comes in…

Sauce Shop White Label


Originally inspired by craft beer seasonal and limited releases, this is our way to let our creativity come out and gives our team and fans a way to share their new ideas. It might be seasonal like our Pumpkin Hot Sauce, a limited amount of a rare ingredient like our recent Neon Raptor tie up or simply something we think everyone needs to try.

Our most recent limited edition is just that… a fruity, tropical celebration of the pineapple, dreamt up by our resident scientist and home brewing aficionado Nathan.

Sauce Shop Pineapple KetchupSauce Shop Pineapple Ketchup Burger

Nathan originally had the idea when reading a slightly convoluted recipe which involved injecting meat with pineapple juice to impart sweetness and flavour. He decided there must be a simpler method… turns out there is! The sweetness and flavour of pineapple, plus a drop of chilli heat, all contained in a smooth ketchup – perfect!

We’ve already tested this new sauce out on several dishes, including jerk pork, pizza and mushroom burgers… Tomasz (Chief Sauce Cook) also managed to use a whole bottle on a noodle dish, so we’re drawing the conclusion that this sauce does in fact go with everything…

Grab a bottle from our store while stocks last and don’t forget to share your creations with us on social media!

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