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Sauce Shop x Sainsbury's Future Brands - Sauce Shop

Sauce Shop x Sainsbury's Future Brands

We have some exciting news - we are now a Sainsbury’s Future Brand!

Sauce Shop in Sainsburys

Since starting Sauce Shop from our home kitchen in 2014, we’ve been passionate about creating great tasting sauces from as few ingredients as possible. It’s often hard being the underdog (they don’t call us a challenger brand for nothing!) and we’ve had a tough but amazing journey up to this point, so it’s great to have backing from a forward-thinking retailer like Sainsbury’s.
Sainsbury’s Future Brands initiative was set up to nurture independent food and drink brands, offering support with marketing, brand growth and business scale-up. The incubator program already includes Huel, Dash WaterTony's Chocolonely and Curators Jerky to name a few.
Not only is this a great opportunity for us to work closely with a supportive retailer, it also allows us to significantly improve the availability of our sauces! Sainsbury’s shoppers can now pick up 10 of our craft sauces in up to 521 stores.
If, like us, you find yourself bored of bad quality condiments, trade up and give our sauces a try! Make eating exciting and food more flavoursome!
Pop to your local Sainsbury’s (check our store locator below) to pick up these Sauce Shop sauces:
Sauce Shop Cherry Bourbon BBQ Sauce
Click store name to view range stocked.
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