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Love It or Hate It - Our Guide To Mayo - Sauce Shop

Love It or Hate It - Our Guide To Mayo

We’re proud of our mayo sauce range. We’ve found them to be some of the trickiest sauces to make but we’re BIG mayo fans. Our mayo range is now four strong, with our Original Mayo, Smoky Chipotle Mayo, Spicy Sriracha Mayo and Garlic Mayo. All proper versatile condiments whether you’re dipping pizza crusts into them, drizzling over chicken or splodging on a sandwich. Mayo is more often than not the go-to condiment amongst the Sauce Shop team.

Original Mayo

Our take on a true classic. Arguably one of the most difficult sauces to nail, purely down to people’s association with a very specific brand mayo. We’ve reworked the recipe for this one a few times but think we’ve finally landed on the winning formula. It’s a super smooth and creamy mayo which is thanks to using free-range egg yolk in the recipe. We love this in a club sandwich or drizzled over a salad. Check it out.

Smoky Chipotle Mayo

Mayo mixed with smoky chilli… who wouldn’t love that! Our Smoky Chipotle Mayo is similarly creamy to our Original Mayo. If you like a bit of heat and a smoky flavour you need to give this a go. We use chipotle pepper in the recipe which is essentially a dried, smoked jalapeno – a technique that links right back to The Aztecs. They’re not super-hot so this mayo won’t blow your head off, it’s a subtle kick with a smoky note mixed in there. It’s also available to purchase in Sainsbury’s.

Spicy Sriracha Mayo

We’ve mixed our Original Mayo with our award-winning Sriracha to create this hot and creamy mayo. If you like a little more kick to your mayos, you’ll want to give this a shot. It's also available to purchase in 4kg catering tubs if your cravings get out of hand. Take a look for yourself.

Garlic Mayo

It’s actually stupid how many times we’ve been asked to make garlic mayo over the years. We were working on this recipe for SO long but we think we’ve cracked it. We were keen to not make it an overpowering garlic sauce that completely blows away any flavour on the food so we’ve probably erred on the side of subtle here. It’s perfect for crust dipping or taking a sandwich to another level. 
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