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Chilli Sauces

Condiments With A Kick - Our Guide To Chilli Sauces

Chilli plants have been a part of human diets since about 7,500 BC. The first type of hot sauce is believed to originate from early inhabitants of Mexico, Central America, and South America as a mixture of chilli peppers and water. Slowly, this expanded. Each area of the world started to discover their own signature flavours and recipes. Eventually, hot sauce began to be mass-produced and sold in all corners of the world. 
Our Chilli and Hot Sauce range varies from completely manageable, mild chilli sauces to ones that should probably come with an "attempt with caution" disclaimer.


Buffalo Hot Sauce

Probably the favourite amongst the Sauce Shop team. Taking inspiration from the New York city of Buffalo, where the term Buffalo Wings is said to have originated from, we decided to try our hand at the ultimate sauce for wings. It's a sharp, rich and tangy hot sauce. We're unapologetic about the vinegar content. It smacks you in the face before the chilli kicks in and creates an awesome tang. Using our very own in-house aged Jalapenos, this sauce packs a punch. Add in to a toastie or douse wings in this sauce and you'll be onto a winner.

Original Hot Chill Sauce

If we're talking in car language, this would be your daily driver. It's that hot sauce you're reaching for whenever you cook up a meal. It isn't going to blow your head off but it's hot, garlicky and has a fruity tone. It only uses four ingredients - aged red jalapenos, vinegar, salt and garlic.


Our Sriracha is a take on the popular Asian condiment. Originally the topping of choice on Thai dishes, it now seems to be a must-have in kitchen cupboards everywhere. It's hot, fruity and sweet. One of the original uses of Sriracha was as a dipping sauce so we'd definitely recommend that, along with using to spice up all manner of dishes from stir-fries to eggs.

Habanero Hot Sauce

This sauce takes a noticeable jump in terms of heat. The sauce uses Habanero peppers instead of Jalapenos which are used in Sriracha or Everyday Chilli. Habanero. At one point in time, Habanero was the hottest chilli type in the world. A few have overtaken but it's still up there. In contrast to some other super hot chillies, there's plenty of flavour going on too. They're known for their floral fruitiness so once you've wiped down your brow, at least it'll taste nice!

Habanero Ketchup

This is the hottest sauce we have made so far, we've rated it "hotter than the sun" because that's what a spoonful feels like. We took our Tomato Ketchup, stripped out all the tomatoes and replaced them with Habanero peppers - 22 in each bottle to be precise! If you're not mad about heat, this isn't the one for you.
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