New year, new sauce...

We're starting off 2018 with a brand new flavour for our core range of sauces. Our latest addition is Beetroot Ketchup!

A couple of brands have been offering a Beetroot Ketchup but those we tried just didn't live up to our expectations. To start with none seem to use Beetroot as the main ingredient!

We started Sauce Shop after being dissatisfied with supermarket sauces and knowing we could do better. So we thought we'd give Beetroot Ketchup the same treatment. 

We get fresh Beetroot delivered from our local veg supplier, which looks fantastic, and that's what you get in the bottle - nothing added, no colours, thickeners or preservatives! That lovely purple does fit nicely into the lineup, but it's all about the taste...

A perfect balance of sweet earthiness and sharp fruitiness. Made from Beetroot and Bramley apple with a hint of spice. This ketchup pairs with anything smoky, try with BBQed, grilled or seared meats and fish. Great as a dip when combined with yoghurt or try it mixed into humus!

Beetroot Ketchup is available to buy now from our online store.

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  • First discovered your sauces and mayo in a great coffee shop in Richmond. From the first taste myself and my husband were hooked.We are very aware of what we eat and your story and ethos is fantastic.Bringing this quality to Sainsbury’s and not just bespoke healthy eating shops can only be a great step to educating a greater number of people that healthy very tasteful foods don’t have to be packed with chemicals and don’t have to cost the earth.
    Congratualtions to you and the team, looking forward to see what you do next !!! Kind Regards


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